how to use liquid latex and tissues

How To Use Liquid Latex And Tissues Together: Tutorial (2022)

We have used latex for almost every SFX makeup look and idea, with almost every possible thing. But today, we will be chatting about how to use liquid latex and tissue for an SFX makeup look. We all know the combo of liquid latex and tissues. They are like best buddies because they sit very well and give the best possible looks for your makeup idea!

how to use liquid latex and tissues together
How To Use Liquid Latex And Tissues Together (Image Source: Pinterest)

I have put together an amazing tutorial where you can learn how to use liquid latex and tissue together. With the tutorial, you will have a fine fake injury as an outcome due to your practice with how to use liquid latex and tissue.

How To Use Liquid Latex And Tissues

This article will show you how to make a simple gash out of liquid latex and tissues by following the steps below.

Items Needed

The following are the supplies you will require:

– Sponges and Brushes such as Syntus Makeup Brush Set, 11 Makeup Brushes & 4 Blender Sponges

– Tissues such as the Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues

– Q-tips 

– A Pair Of Scissors

– Latex in liquid form (clear, white, or flesh-colored)

– The building’s foundation (to match your skin)

– Make-up for the face (colors of your choice)

– The use of fictitious blood (I prefer blood paste, also known as coagulated blood) Such as the Mehron Makeup Blood Essentials Set

Step 1: Latex and tissues

It’s usually good to know your injury’s final appearance before starting. Keep it in mind at all times. My experience is that if I start an application without a clear goal, I don’t generate anything noteworthy.

Prep your liquid latex and q-tip. Apply a tiny latex coating to the skin where you wish to slash. Cover the wet latex with a tissue and seal the borders with additional latex.

Add tissue and latex until you obtain the desired form and thickness. My shape isn’t great since this is a quick example. Try not to leave too much on the edges since it’s difficult to cover up.

Note: Applying latex in thin layers speeds up drying time.

After the final layer, cover the top piece with latex. I do this so that it looks more like flesh than ripped paper when we tear it open.

Make sure your latex is dry before cutting. A minute or two with a hairdryer might help speed up drying time.

Step 2: Cutting and adding latex

After everything has been well dried, gently cut a tiny hole in the latex with scissors. You may either cut the remainder of your gash or pull it out completely. Cut in any direction or region that you like.

Lay down some additional latex and tissues after you have produced your opening to give the area a little more depth and dimension to make it more convincing. Before painting, be certain that the surface is totally dry, or it may ruin the entire idea of the injury.

Step 3: Makeup

Now comes the exciting part! First, I cover up and smooth the borders with my foundation (I suggest cream or cake over liquid). Then I prepare to make it gruesome. Using multiple hues of paint to provide depth to your wounds is the greatest method. I prefer to use small amounts of black in the sections that should be darker and lighter red in the regions that should be higher.

Blood paste is another useful product (or coagulated blood). It’s a vicious (jam-like) artificial blood that helps give your wounds a lot of depth. You can make it how horrifying you want. This is all up to you. It’s your picture, after all, and you made it!

And wraps our today’s blog post on how to use liquid latex and tissues, we hope that it was a clear image of how you wanted it to be for you to understand. If you enjoyed this blog be sure to check out  12 Easy Liquid Latex Halloween Makeup Ideas. For more content like this!

Until then, see you soon!