how to use liquid latex for scars

How To Use Liquid Latex For Scars: Guide 2022

The problem with store-bought fake scars is that the cheapest ones seem cheap and artificial, while the more realistic-looking ones may be out of your price range or not exactly what you were hoping for.

liquid latex for scars
Liquid Latex For Scars (Image Source: Pinterest)

As an alternative to buying scars, we will learn how to use liquid latex for scars with the help of facial tissue and then customize the size and form to fit your specific costume needs using cosmetics and facial tissue.

Steps to use liquid latex for scars

The steps are as follows:

Latex in liquid form

A cup that can be thrown away

Plastic spoon or craft stick

Tissue such as the Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues

Red acrylic paint or fake blood (optional)

Makeup for foundation

Eyeshadow in red and black (or desired colors)

You may create a fake scar right on your skin to alter your skin’s appearance by creating it in situ, exactly where you want it. Make sure your skin is completely clean before applying latex to it. Keep in mind that latex sticks to the hair, so choose the scar site carefully to minimize discomfort after removing the scar from the area.

Step: 1

Pour some liquid latex into a non-reusable cup and set the cup aside. The extra liquid should be used in order to be able to build up layers of scar treatment.

Step: 2

Take some latex out using a craft stick or plastic spoon and apply a thin coating on your chosen scar spot.

Step: 3

To cover the wet latex, tear a piece of the face or toilet paper and lay it over it. As told in the guide, the tissue region should be somewhat smaller in size than the latex area.

Step: 4

If desired, add another layer of latex followed by more tissue; additional layers enable you to make thick scars or scars with deep sunken depressions. Gently shape the wet latex into a ball using a craft stick or a plastic spoon. Allow for the drying of the latex.

Step: 5

Pick at the tissue, pulling part of it up to make holes in the fake scar tissue to produce gash-style scars or scars from severe burns. Repeat this process with the remaining tissue.

Step: 6

Over the whole scar, apply foundation makeup that matches your natural skin tone. Use just a little amount at a time, building up the amount required by dabbing it on with your fingertips.

Step: 7

To get the desired looks, use red, black, and yellow eye makeup such as the Red Eyeshadow Palette Highly Pigmented, AFFLANO Long Lasting True Red Eye Shadow Halloween Makeup Pallet to add color to the eyes.

And that concludes this blog on how to use liquid latex for scars. If you are interested in knowing more about this particular topic of how to use liquid latex for scars, check out  12 Easy Liquid Latex Halloween Makeup Ideas. And have a whale of a time.