how to use liquid latex for zombie makeup

How To Use Liquid Latex For Zombie Makeup: Tutorial

If you have ever created an independent film, you would have undoubtedly considered (or made) a zombie flick. Zombies are an alluring jewel in the world of cinematic possibilities (not to mention Halloween costumes). So today let us discuss how to use liquid latex for zombie makeup, and not only latex but way much more props will be used in today’s tutorial/guide.

liquid latex for zombie makeup
Liquid Latex For Zombie Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

How to use liquid latex for zombie makeup?

As usual, we encourage newcomers and beginners to come to our website and learn a lot of new techniques and tips that will help them in the near future when they learn makeup. First and foremost, let’s get this over with the buying headache. The shopping list is as follows:

  1. Latex Liquid in skin tone (This should be available at any respectable costume store, or you can get it online from sites like Ben Nye Liquid Latex)
  1. Toilet Paper or Bathroom Paper (Or “Bathroom Tissue” for those of you who can’t speak “toilet.”) such as the such as Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Toilet Paper
  1. A Basic, Multi-Color Make-Up Kits

4. White Face Cream

You should use a good quality white cream such as Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ Face & Body Paint

Step 1

Apply a thin layer of liquid latex to the subject’s face. This is our foundation. Dry it for 15 minutes. As the liquid latex dries, it becomes largely transparent.

Step 2

Then the TP. It’s surprising how many skin effects can be achieved by an everyday use item. The artist gave this zombie wrinkled, lifeless, cheekbones and a gaping opening on the forehead. But you can do much more with just two pieces. The more you add to your subject’s face, the more you have to mess with. The artist used a single square of toilet paper on each cheek, then cemented them to the subject’s face using liquid latex. 

Step 3

It is time to make the actors’ skin white. Make a white cream base. Are you worried about looking like a leper mime? I get your concern. You see, the white color is only the primer.   

Step 4

Peel off the extra flesh on the brow. An astute item may be required to start the tear. The subject’s skin darkens the wound with red and black as you go. This should be set well. 

Step 5

Next, the artist darkens the area around the eyes and lips.

Step 6

Finally, blending is the goal. The artist started with a redder background, but the artist supposes zombies come in different shapes and sizes.

That is it. So go to your local thrift shop, get some old clothes, and mutilate them! RIP them, wrinkle them, spoil them. Your disgusting zombie make-up and freshly buried attire will fit with the living dead league.

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