i burned my eyelashes with a lighter

Complete Guide on Eyelash Loss

I burned my eyelashes with a lighter what do I do? Burns, chemotherapy, and other medical conditions can cause people to lose their eyelashes. In most cases, the eyelashes will eventually grow back, but this process may take some time.

Because eyelashes, like the hair on the scalp, go through growth cycles, the natural loss of some eyelashes is typically not cause for alarm, even if it is significant. On the other hand, numerous traumas and illnesses can cause many or even most of the eyelashes to fall out.

By reading this article, find out why your eyelashes fall out and how you can encourage new growth with the help of conventional medicine and natural therapies.

Main Causes Of Eyelash Loss

eyelash loss
Eyelash Loss (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyelash loss can be caused by any one of the following conditions:


If the eyelashes are singed, but the hair follicles remain unharmed, the American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that the eyelashes will often begin to grow again after six weeks.

On the other hand, if the hair follicles were also harmed, the eyelashes might not regrow at all.


Eyelash loss is a side effect sometimes caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer. Not all chemotherapy medications are responsible for hair loss side effects.

On the other hand, if a person uses a chemotherapy medicine known to induce hair loss, it will damage the hair not only on the scalp but also the hair found anywhere else on the body.

The most common areas affected are the body hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. After patients stop receiving chemotherapy, their eyelashes typically begin growing back within a short period.


The majority of individuals do not trim their eyelashes. However, with time, eyelashes will normally grow back to their full length for those with this ability.

Pulled out

The compulsive need to pluck out one’s hair is the defining characteristic of the psychological illness known as trichotillomania.

This impulse can influence hair in several body parts, including eyelashes. If you’ve plucked out your lashes, you know how long it might take for them to grow back.

Extensions of the lashes

Lash extensions are synthetic strands bonded onto a person’s natural eyelashes to make them appear longer and thicker.

However, your natural lashes risk being ripped out or damaged when you get lash extensions. If your natural eyelashes fall out due to lash extensions, they should grow back within a few months at the latest.

Do Burnt Eyelashes Grow Back?

Even if the upper layer of skin and the hair are burned out, new hair will eventually grow in its place. If the root of the hair were to be burned, the stem cells contained within the hair follicle would perish.

I Burned My Eyelashes With A Lighter What Do I Do?

If you are in the situation and end up saying i burned my eyelashes with a lighter dot, panic because they will grow back. For them to grow quickly, here are a few remedies:

Try out some enhancing serum for your eyelashes

You’ve certainly heard a lot about various eyelash serums that can improve the length of your lashes. Some of these serums can even be purchased online.

Suppose you want to get the greatest eyelash development serums, even though the market is inundated with various variations (not all of them are wonderful). In that case, you’ll want to be cautious of the product’s ingredient list.

Make Sure You Comb Your Eyelashes

Brushing out your eyelashes is an excellent technique to make them appear longer and promote growth. This tip may sound elementary, but it does work. Even though there isn’t a lot of research to back this up, many professional make-up artists and other professionals swear by the benefits of combing out your lashes before applying mascara.

Consider Biotin

You’ve probably heard about biotin if you’ve looked into hair growth, including eyelash development. But does biotin genuinely promote the growth of your hair? Dr. Shainhouse claims that “Deficits in particular vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can eventually influence hair development.

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