inner corner of false eyelashes won't stick

How To Get False Eyelashes To Stay On?

If you want to bring attention to your eyes, it’s a given that you’ll want to put on some eyelash extensions! When it comes to artificial lashes, there’s nothing worse than having them slide out of place and leaving the inner corner of false eyelashes won’t stick (or worse, fall off). Also’s not only uncomfortable, but it spoils your entire look!

How to get false eyelashes to stay on? Do not worry! We have already researched for you! Nothing is worse than enjoying a night out only to discover that your favorite pair of lashes are drooping in the mirror! This is why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hacks for keeping your lashes in place all day long.

Tips On How To Keep False Eyelashes From Lifting?

inner corner of false eyelashes won't stick
The inner corner of false eyelashes won’t stick (Image Source: Pinterest)

There are several reasons to add one of the lash styles to your routine, like the curved tool for placement and latex-free glue for grip, but we like that it’s aimed at the newbie or someone who wants to glue and go.

If you’re wearing false eyelashes for the first time and are hesitant about what should be a simple process, we have seven false eyelash hacks for you.

Always Work On Sticky Glue

How to put false eyelashes on? Patience is essential while working with adhesive glue. For best results, wait until the adhesive has completely dried before placing the false lashes on your lash line. The adhesive must be sticky before applying falsies on the lids to keep the false lashes in place.

Use Slanted Tip Tweezers

Use tweezers with a slanted tip for putting eyelash extensions. Don’t apply mascara with your fingers, as the oils from your palms will transfer to your eyes, making them slippery or may cause the condition inner corner of false eyelashes won’t stick.


In the application process, placement might make all the difference. The best way to apply eyelash extensions is to place them near the lash line, so position a mirror under you. Your lash band will be considerably less likely to move if it is lined with your natural lash line.

Use Mascara Safely

It’s OK to use mascara, but make sure you do so before you put on your eyelashes. As long as you don’t overdo it, a light application of mascara will help your fake lashes adhere to your lashes. Mascara also aids in the natural-looking integration of your artificial lashes with your natural lashes!

Secure the Ends

How to keep false eyelashes from lifting? You must ensure that your lashes do not move once applied. Apply a small amount of glue to the inner and outer corners of the lash band to keep it in place. If you wear fake lashes often, you’ve probably observed that the edges are the first to lift. This will assist in keeping it from happening in the future!

Stay Prepared

Your lashes might benefit from a quick touchup in the same way that your makeup does. In the end, we can only offer one final bit of advice: keep your glue close at hand. If the worst happens, you’ll be glad you have it in your purse.

How To Fix Bent Fake Eyelashes?

You can simply straighten bent artificial eyelashes instead of purchasing a new set to save time and money. Individual eyelashes on false eyelashes are highly delicate and can quickly fall off, so you must be extremely careful when restoring them.

  • Tighten your fingers at the root of the eyelashes to prevent them from slipping off your eyes. Tweezers, held between your thumb and forefinger, can be used to grab the eyelash ends if your hands are large enough.
  • As you move your hands horizontally apart, gently pull the ends of your eyelashes apart. Stop immediately and re-grip the eyelashes above the tear line if they begin to tear. If the tear is at the root and does not spread far enough to destroy the adhesive, you should be able to utilize the eyelashes. There are several situations in which tweezers can come in handy.
  • The adhesive side of the eyelash should be facing the ceiling when you lay it out straight. Apply a small amount of heated, damp towel to the eyelash. This serves as an “iron,” straightening the eyelashes.
  • If the hot cloth damages the adhesive property of the eyelash, you may need to add a little more glue before putting the eyelashes.

How To Remove Lash Extensions Safely?

Do you cut the inner or outer corners of lashes? If you want to eliminate them, always start at the outer corner and work your way in. Because you’ll be trimming your lashes to fit your eyes anyhow, it doesn’t matter if you bend one part of the outer lashes. The inner corner lash does matter if you break or band it.

Inner Corner Of False Eyelashes Won’t Stick, Why?

It’s best to place the eyelash about a third of the way in rather than at the inner corner of the eye. You can shape each lash by gently rolling it around a pencil or pen if you want. Curved eyelash applicators can be used if necessary. Using tweezers, pull the band and your eyelashes in the same way.

Make sure the adhesive is sticky; if it’s too wet, it’ll slip around and make it more challenging to adjust to the correct position. Adding more eyelash adhesive to the lashes’ ends and inner corners is also a good idea. The inner and outer corners of false lashes are the most difficult, so apply a little extra glue to get them to hold down and stay stuck. 

Fake eyelashes can be used in various ways, and this article explains how to apply them properly. In addition, the issue of the fake eyelashes not attaching to the inner corner of the eye was raised.

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