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How to Use Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color

Ion Hair Color is a state-of-the-art European Ionic Formula that is a luscious, long-lasting, deposit-only hair color that is free of ammonia and other harsh chemicals. With this hair color, you can hide and mix grey hair up to 100 percent without lifting the original pigment of the hair. 

When used in combination with chemical relaxers and permanent waves, the recipe will allow for same-day color. Superior quality, exclusive blends of hair color are created in Italy by the skilled team of chemists to give unparalleled results. To obtain a beautiful, brilliant color with excellent grey coverage, we have created a method that blends the highest quality natural and exotic ingredients with very effective high-tech compounds. 

Demi-permanent provides long-lasting, fade-resistant color, ion hair color technology depends on the power of micro-pigmentation. Because our microscopic pigment molecules oxidize more slowly than larger pigment molecules, they are able to penetrate deeply into the cortex of each strand of hair. The topic of today’s post is how to use ion color brilliance and hair color tips and techniques.

ion demi-permanent hair color
Ion Demi-Permanent Hair Color (Image Source: Pinterest)

Ingredients of Ion Hair Color

PPD-free ion formulas are enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Pequi Oil, and botanicals to hydrate and strengthen hair from inside deeply. This color is also soft on the hair. Ion’s cutting-edge, salon-quality color technology unlocks your hair’s ultimate potential, allowing you to bring home brightness as you’ve never seen before.

The Ionic formula protects the hair structure and helps it to stay strong. Ion intensive shine demi permanent creme hair color is formulated with botanically derived hydrating ingredients and a refreshing scent. It is safe for color-treated hair. 

What makes ion color brilliance demi permanent special?

  • PPD-free
  • Maximum light reflection and shine.
  • Change or improve the intensity.
  • This hair color is fade-resistant and has deep conditioning.

Hair Color Tips

  • Permanent hair color should not be applied to the hair until at least two weeks after the relaxer procedure has been done.
  • Always inspect the condition of a person’s hair and scalp first, paying particular attention to the elasticity and porosity of the hair. If the scalp begins to show symptoms of irritation, stop use immediately.
  • If the intended results on the natural hair turn out to be lighter than expected, use a shade that is one to two shades lighter than the desired results to prevent excessively dark results on porous hair.

A certain point in every woman’s life arrives at which her hair begins to turn grey. This is an issue for a lot of ladies since grey hair isn’t something that they consider to be attractive. Grey hair, in my view, can be just as attractive as natural hair color, provided that you have a fantastic hairstyle that suits you. 

It says nothing about someone’s beauty if they are growing older and have some grey hairs. Having said that, I can see why people want to hide their grey hair, and there’s nothing wrong with doing so. If you have grey hair, you can apply Ion’s demi-permanent hair color for gray coverage that will not lift your original hair color but will hide and blend it completely.

How to Use Ion Permanent Hair Color?

When it comes to using Ion Demi-permanent hair color, the process is quite similar to that of using normal hair dye. It is ideal for dyeing your own hair or asking a friend’s help to do so. By doing so, you will be able to spend more quality time with your friend while also saving money since you will not be required to visit the salon.

First and foremost, you must choose a hair color shade that suits your skin tone. After you’ve chosen the shade, combine 2 oz. with 4 oz. of the Ion Sensitive Scalp Creme Developer 10 volume to get your final color. This should be done in a non-metallic bowl to ensure that the hair color does not interfere with the bowl. 

Unless otherwise specified on the packaging, use a 1:2 mixing ratio for combining the products. Important to remember is that ion permanent hair color instructions you read and all of the steps you complete are based on normal hair type and normal porosity. Fine hair, for example, is more responsive to hair coloring than “normal” coarse hair.

That is why consulting with your local hairdresser can be extremely beneficial. This is done to verify that you understand what you’re doing. It is possible that you will need to modify certain steps depending on the condition of your hair (this is not usually necessary, but I wanted to make you aware of it just in case)

When you’ve finished mixing everything together, it’s time to put it in your hair. Make sure that no stone is left untouched and that everything is coated in the dye! To get the best results, you should allow it to sit for 10 to 40 minutes if you aren’t using heat (i.e., at room temperature) or 10 to 15 minutes if you are providing heat.

When the hair color has been in your hair for a sufficient amount of time, it is necessary to rinse it out completely. Continue to do this until the water runs pure. This was a high-level summary of what you should do. An even more detailed step-by-step instruction is provided below to help you!

how to use ion permanent hair
How to Use Ion Permanent Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

Step by Step Guide to Use Ion Hair Color

Read the Instructions

I believe many of you are just getting started, but it is critical that you carefully read the instructions. When you want to perform a fantastic job and avoid making any mistakes, you should start here.

Mix the Hair Color

mix the hair color
Mix the Hair Color (Image Source: Pinterest)

When you’ve finished reading the instructions, it’s time to combine 2 oz. of Ion Demi Hair Color with 4 oz. of Ion Sensitive Scalp Creme Developer 10 volume to create your own customized color. I recommend that you mix the color in a non-metallic bowl in order to prevent it from oxidizing.

Cover the Parts you Don’t Want to Color

Some people miss this easy step and end up with a major mess, even though it’s simple. Cover any flesh that is close to your hair, such as your neck, ears, and the skin behind your ears. You can use an old towel or anything else that you don’t mind using for this.

Put on your Gloves

put on your gloves
Put on your Gloves (Image Source: Pinterest)

This step is to put your gloves on before you begin coloring your hair with the hair color you purchased.

Divide off your Hair into Portions

divide off your hair into portions
Divide off your Hair into Portions (Image Source: Pinterest)

This is a crucial step since it makes it simpler to ensure that you have covered every last strand of hair. It is suggested that you separate your hair into four zones if you have long hair. If you have short hair, you can get away with using two. Long and short hair should both be stabbed with clamps to ensure that everything remains in place throughout the styling process.

Start Applying Hair Color

It is now time to begin dyeing your hair using the hair color you selected. Begin from the roots of your hair and work your way back towards the back of your head. Work your way down to the ends, being sure to cover every zone and every strand with the hair color.

start applying
Start Applying (Image Source: Pinterest)

Distribute the Hair Color Evenly Throughout the Hair

distribute the hair color evenly
Distribute the Hair Color Evenly (Image Source: Pinterest)

You can use a brush to help ensure that everything is spread equally. It is essential to coat all of the hairs with the hair dye in an equal layer.

Allow the Hair Color to Sit for a Time

allow the hair color to sit for a time
Allow the Hair Color to Sit for a Time (Image Source: Pinterest)

It takes 10 to 40 minutes at room temperature to complete the processing of the hair dye (without the use of heat). If you’ve used heat, you’ll be able to use it after 10 to 15 minutes. If you are using heat, it is recommended that you allow for a 5-minute cool-down period before you begin rinsing.

Rinse the Hair Color With Water

rinse the hair color with water
Rinse the Hair Color With Water (Image Source: Pinterest)

When you’ve sat for the required period of time, it’s time to rinse your hair out with water. Make sure you do it correctly and until the water flows clear. After that, you’re free to wash and style your hair how you want.

How Long Does Ion Permanent Hair Color Last?

For around 12 to 24 washes, the ion Demi-permanent hair dye will be effective. During that period, you’ll notice a slow fading. This will give your hair enough time to heal before you can start the coloring process all over again.

Ion Demi-permanent hair color is applied to the first layer of hair strands. This allows the color to last much longer than it would with a semi-permanent coloring. As a result, it is an excellent choice for providing maximum grey hair covering while also providing longer tonal ability. 

ion color brilliance demi-permanent
Ion color brilliance demi-permanent (Image Source: Pinterest)

How Long Should I Leave Demi Permanent Hair Color In?

The processing period for the ion Demi-permanent hair color is 10 to 40 minutes at room temperature. With the use of heat, this duration is shortened to 10 to 15 minutes. It is critical to let your hair cool down for about 5 minutes after applying heat before beginning the rinse process to rinse the hair color.

how long should i leave hair color
How Long Should I leave Hair Color (Image Source: Pinterest)

Do You Need A Developer For Demi-Permanent Color?

Yes, because it is not possible to use the ion Demi-permanent hair color without using a developer. A developer is required since it is responsible for breaking down the hair and allowing the hair color to penetrate the first layer of a hair strand. If you did not use a developer, you would notice that the hair color would rinse off the following time you washed your hair.

What developer to use with demi-permanent hair color?

A developer will penetrate the hair and provide the results you need. The reason why a 10 volume developer is used is that it is just enough to open the hair and give it a color. With an increased volume of developer applications, you will notice that the hair gets lighter in color. 

As you can see, there are four levels of developer (10, 20, 30, 40). The greater the volume of the developer, the greater the amount of peroxide (percent) present inside the developer. When you apply peroxide to your hair, the lighter your hair becomes as a result of the amount of peroxide used.

Use ion hair color to cover up your grey hair. If you follow the instructions, Demi Permanent Creme Hair Color will be a fantastic choice for you. I’ve previously said it, but it’s important to carefully read the instructions to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes.

Even if anything goes wrong, you can always make use of your local hair salon’s services to see if they can repair it for you. Despite the fact that coloring your hair is a chemical process that may cause harm to your hair, they are sometimes able to repair the damage very rapidly.