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Easy Pennywise SFX Makeup

I wanted to try something incredibly intriguing and maybe a bit tough for my many efforts at any face paint and SFX makeup looks. I LOVE Stephen King and “It,” therefore for my next makeup try, I selected a Pennywise it facepaint method and not any Pennywise “it” facepaint method but a Pennywise SFX makeup method.

it face paint
It Face Paint (Image Source: Pinterest)

I’ve been watching a lot of MadeYewLook lessons lately, and she’s good at SFX and creating “it face paint” such looks in general, so I decided to attempt another of her “It face paint tutorials’ ‘ and not only that I am also going to shoot my shot at practicing my teeth face painting.

So without mucking around let us get started with the pennywise face paint tutorial or may I say maquillaje de pennywise!

It Facepaint Makeup

For my fellow friends that have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain to you who pennywise is and what is “it”. Firstly Where have you been if you haven’t seen the movie “It” and have no clue who Pennywise is? anyways let me be the introducer.

It is a supernatural horror film about a joker/clown. The main character or the focused character of the film “It” is a clown called Pennywise and It: Chapter One was released in 2017. And on popular demand, another part of the film was It: Chapter Two which was released in 2019, and do not worry I won’t be spoiling anything.

 It (Image Source: Pinterest)

Therefore the “ It facepaint” is based on the movie It with the main character Pennywise so it can be said that the Pennywise face makeup or pennywise face paint is inspired by the movie “It” and the character Pennywise.

How To Do Pennywise Makeup

Now enough of the introduction, it’s time for the easy Pennywise painting or makeup tutorial.

It Face paint Makeup Tutorial Step 1: The Base

After concealing my brows, I used a beauty sponge also known as a beauty blender, and different quantities of water to apply white Snazaroo face paint on my head. Even without a lot of pink fleshy tones attempting to come across, it ended up taking me a long time to get my entire face. It was a continual fight between too much and too little water, but I’m now getting the hang of it.

It Face paint Makeup Tutorial Step 2: Teeth Face Painting

It is time for my least favorite part: the teeth face painting. I had no trouble following MadeYewLook’s eye directions, but those rows and rows of realistic teeth terrified me. I spent a long time switching between yellow and white paint for the teeth, brown contour powder for the shadow, and black face paint for the outline before I got anything close to a mouthful of monster jaws.

It Face paint Makeup Tutorial Step 3: The Final Touch

I painted in the jaw and battled a little (well, a ton) with the top lip after the teeth were as near to done as they were going to get. I went straight back in to tinker on my top lip and tooth just a little more, adding some lines around the mouth to create the effect of a wide and stretched-out smirk.

To truly make the teeth stand out from each other, I added a few more white strokes and a little more black outlining. I didn’t know what to do with that wretched up lip. I sorely wanted to correct both of these portions, but I didn’t want to muddle up the entire mouth region, so I went on to the vertical red lines across the eyes and called it a day.

And there you have it, folks, your pretty pennywise makeup is accomplished. We hope that you learned an excellent method on how to do pennywise makeup. For more info on makeup and more visit BS Makeup Kits.

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