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Types Of Curly Lash Extensions

When it comes to choosing eyelash extension curls for your customers or yourself, there are a million different aspects you need to be aware of in order to do a decent job. It all begins with a solid understanding of these characteristics of lash extension curl types.

The angle at which the curls are applied should be a consideration while getting lash extensions. When you have eyelash extensions, you won’t even have the same curl applied to each of your eyes’ lashes because of this procedure.

You must first understand how it now appears to get the most desirable appearance. The client’s taste and preferences, as well as any specific requirements, come next. When getting the lash extension sizes and curls, the following is the golden formula for making the finest lash extensions possible for customers and yourself: The thickness, the length, and the curl.

Different Lash Extension Curl Types

This will assist you in understanding the top 4 curly eyelashes used in the business, whether you are just getting started with lash extensions or experienced. Remember that various English alphabets correspond to the curls of eyelash extensions.

types of curly lash extensions
Types Of Curly Lash Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

Read the following lash extension sizes and curls to find out more information about them.

I Curl eyelashes

The ‘I’ curl is the preferred choice for eyelash extension curls. For those with straight lashes, this straight lash style is suitable.

These might be a fantastic option for extensions if you deal with male clientele. Because of their straight appearance, “I” curled lashes seem the most natural on those with straight lashes. 

It’s a great alternative for older clientele who would like natural-looking lashes but have lost their curl. I Curl is ideal for people who prefer lengthening lashes over adding curls.

As a lash technician, bear in mind that this isn’t an appropriate curl for natural lashes that point upward or downward. They only work well with straight lashes.

J Curl eyelashes

‘J’ curl eyelash extensions are ideal when your customers wish to give their straight lashes a small tilt or curl without going overboard.

Compared to the many curls of eyelash extensions, it is fairly faint. ‘J’ curls may open up upward-looking lashes to make them seem brighter because of this. This lash extension curl has a 30-degree slant to it.

However, this isn’t a nice curl for lashes that point downward. It’s perfect for the inner corners of the eyes of any natural lash type, in addition to raising straight lashes. 

For customers with downward-facing lashes, I advise you to avoid utilizing these lashes at all costs since they may make the eyes seem tired, heavy, and tiny.

B Curl eyelashes

Let’s explore lash extension curl types B, the realm of curving lash curls, now that you’re acquainted with the fundamental lash curls.

The “B” curl is a gentle curl with excellent retention. ‘B’ curls may highlight straight lashes while not being too curled. Essentially, “B” elevates those with straight lashes gently. This angle is mostly 45 degrees. These are bad for customers with lowered lashes since they have a stronger curling factor than “J” curls.

It opens the eyes of customers with upward-facing lashes, which is another expert advice to keep in mind. This kind of curl may also be applied to the inside of the eyes.

C Curl eyelashes

The “C” curl is the typical curl that most lash technicians utilize. Because it helps to open up the eyes and makes the client seem awake, bright, and energetic, it’s ideal for those with ordinary curls.

It might give your natural lashes a raised appearance if you have lowered or heavily downward lashes. However, if your customer has straight eyelashes, it works wonders for widening the eyes. The degree will be 60 with a curl of a ‘C.

This particular lash extension curl may provide the doll eye effect in those whose natural lashes also have a horizontal curl. Consider a D curl if your client has lashes that point downward.

These were the common lash extension curl types. I hope you liked the blog; if you would like to read more visits to BS Makeup Kits.