are lash lifts bad for your eyelashes

Are Lash Lifts Bad For Your Eyelashes?

Have you ever heard of a lash lift? Does Lash Lift Damage Your Eyelashes? While lash tints, which are cosmetic procedures that darken and define lashes for dramatic effects, have been a popular beauty treatment for quite some time now, have you ever heard of a lash lift? 

Another procedure offered in beauty salons to give your eyelashes a curl that will endure through showers, swimming, and the removal of makeup is called a lash lift. This treatment is also frequently referred to as a lash perm. 

Doesn’t it just sound incredible? However, what exactly is a lash lift, and may one be detrimental to the health of your eyelashes? Do lash lifts ruin your lashes? Does lash lift damage lashes? Let us find out in today’s blog.

Lash Lifts

A lash lift might be thought of as something similar to getting a perm for your eyelashes. I know the idea of having a perm is very ’80s, but a lash lift uses the same principle as a perm to curl the lashes and give them a lifted appearance.

Lash Lifts
Lash Lifts (Image Source: Pinterest)

To begin, the esthetician will apply a silicone rod or pad to your closed eyelid after first removing any eye makeup you may be wearing.

After that, a solution will be administered that will partly break down the bonds that are in the eyelashes. This will allow the eyelashes to take on whatever form desired, which is often the curl of the silicone pad placed on the eyelid. 

Even while different brands use somewhat different ingredients, they all accomplish the same goal, which is to relax the hair by loosening its connections and causing it to take on its new shape and curl.

This solution is removed after a certain period of time (but not for too long, since this is the stage when your lashes might easily get over-processed and damaged!), and then a rebuilding solution is applied. 

At this point, your eyelashes will begin to adopt their new form, and they will maintain this appearance for the subsequent two months. After you have finished rinsing off this solution, you should now have stunning lashes that have been curled.

Why is lash lifts bad for your eyelashes?

As with any other service offered in a salon, there is always a remote possibility that something may go wrong. 

It might be something as simple as an allergic response (always do a patch test if you have the opportunity to do so!), or it could be the result of an incompetent operator. 

Or it might be that the aftercare instructions are unclear, making it too simple to reverse the hard work that the technician has done mistakenly. When it comes to lash lifts, sometimes all it takes is a little too much water on a perm too soon! 

Here are some of the most general hazards associated with obtaining a lash perm that anybody who is considering getting a lash lift should be aware of. 

For your information, the hazards of these are significantly larger when you use a do-it-yourself lash lift kit. No one should ever use these chemicals near their eyes without first receiving proper instruction from a qualified practitioner.

Have your eyelashes fall off

Okay, so this is the ultimate worst-case situation that could ever happen, but it’s not completely out of the question. When performed improperly, a lash lift has the potential to alter the growth pattern of a person’s eyelashes permanently. 

Because an untrained lash technician left the solutions on an Australian lady’s eyelids for an excessive amount of time, the woman now has permanently scraggly lashes, and her eyes are always watering.

Lashes that are too curled

In most cases, this occurs because the treatment was carried out using a rod made of silicone that was of the wrong size. A competent esthetician will personalize the experience for you and the outcomes you want, considering the size of your natural lashes and the effect you want to achieve.

Irritation of the eyes

The reality is that having your lashes permed involves placing moderately acidic chemicals close to your eyes, which are very sensitive organs. There is always the possibility that some chemicals may go into your eye, regardless of how cautious a professional is. 

You may walk away with only a mildly irritated eye, or you could wind up with a rash, redness, inflammation, dry eyes, watery eyes, blisters, or any combination of these symptoms depending on your eyes’ sensitivity. These are all possible adverse effects.

I hope you liked today’s blog and got to learn a lot about do lash lifts ruin your lashes. We hope to see you soon in our next blog until then bye.