makeup for professional headshots

Makeup Tips for Professional Headshots

A Professional Headshot is a picture that you use to build your personal brand. These photographs are increasingly being used in infographic resumes and on job network sites to help in finding jobs. Typically, professional headshots are taken from the top of your body, such as your head and shoulders. In this post, we will give some tips on makeup for professional headshots.

Professional headshots are frequently taken in a photography studio against a neutral background with specific lighting to ensure that the person is the only thing that is in focus. It is usual to frame a picture such that the subject’s shoulders and the top of the head are visible.

Makeup for Professional Headshots

The various tips on makeup for modeling headshots are detailed below:


Drinking-Water (Image Source: Pinterest)

Be sure to drink plenty of water in the two days leading up to your headshot session. Taking a Vitamin E capsule once a day can also prevent any last-minute outbreaks from occurring.

Follow Skin Care

follow skin care
Follow Skin Care (Image Source: Pinterest)

Skin that is clean and refreshed seems beautiful in photographs. Use a light exfoliator or mask, as well as toner and moisturizer, the night before your photo session to prepare your skin for photo-finished makeup.


Primer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Primer is yet another excellent tool for enhancing your look. It is recommended that you use a primer on your skin just before applying your makeup to smooth out any small wrinkles, huge pores, or other defects that may appear in your photograph.

Natural Look

natural makeup for professional headshots
Natural makeup for professional headshots (Image Source: Pinterest)

Makeup that has a natural look is best for headshots. Makeup that is “light” is OK as long as it is natural and evenly spread. It is more vital to strive for a natural appearance than a “light” one. It is critical to avoid an uneven application of both despite the fact that they may be done simultaneously. 

To prevent this, use the very minimum quantity necessary to maintain uniformity. Not only that but don’t be afraid to use setting powder, especially when you’re preparing for in-person activities like going to the office or going to a party. When it comes to makeup, equal coverage mixed with a natural appearance finish is crucial.


Foundations (Image Source: Pinterest)

Use a foundation that matches the natural color of your skin in the neck and chest parts. Some individuals (particularly those with light complexion) choose to wear a color that is a shade darker than their skin tone, which is acceptable for social functions. When photographing yourself, however, it is always best to match the color of your foundation to the rest of your skin. 

The skin tone in your photograph can be changed to make it seem more appealing if you want. The skin color can be modified to make it appear darker or warmer to give the appearance more beautiful during editing. The liquid foundation is the most effective form of foundation. Oil-free (water- or alcohol-based) foundation is recommended for headshots. The oil-free matte finish foundation is the most popular choice for headshots. 

However, some people find it difficult to use since it dries fast and, if applied too thickly, can create a caky appearance. Choose a foundation that provides “medium to full” or “full” coverage and has a matte finish rather than one that has “shimmer.” Avoid products with a “sheer appearance” (glowy or dewy) finish since they produce excessive shine in photographs.

Use Concealer to Hide Dark Circles and Dark Spots

use concealer
Use Concealer (Image Source: Pinterest)

As long as you stand in front of the camera and the flash is turned on, the camera might pick up scars and blemishes that are only partially hidden by the foundation, that’s why concealer plays a great role. Concealer adds an extra layer of protection to even skin tones, especially when exposed to strong lights.

For Oily Skin: Blotter Sheet And Powder

blotter sheets
Blotter sheets (Image Source: Pinterest)

A blotter sheet is the most effective way to control oily skin (available in the studio). If that isn’t enough, mattifying gel (cream) is a simple product to use that is suitable for skin of all types and colors (also available in the studio).

Traditional recommendations ask for colorless translucent powder (also available in the studio), which works well on light skin but not on darker complexion, and is best suited for fair to medium skin tones. When shooting fashion and beauty photographs, a lot of powder is used, but when creating a clean, natural appearance with makeup, the powder should be used to alter the look rather than to control the shine.

setting powder
Setting Powder (Image Source: Pinterest)

Don’t be afraid to use much more powder than you normally would. It is common practice in fashion and beauty photography to apply a large amount of setting or finishing powder to reduce shine and make the skin seem matte. You will notice that a professional makeup artist will continue to apply powder every 10–20 minutes during the session in order to avoid shiny skin. 

You should carry your own and use more powder on a frequent basis. If you are shooting a business or professional headshot, on the other hand, you will most likely want to use the next technique to keep the skin from becoming too shiny. While shimmer can be attractive for party makeup, a matte finish is preferred for photography.

Pop up Your Eyes

pop up your eyes
Pop up Your Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Prepare by waxing your brows a couple of days in advance. Even if it is possible to reshape the brows with the use of a retouching technique, it is more time-consuming and expensive than having them waxed in person. Create a defined brow line, particularly if you are not planning on using a retouching option. 

Make certain that your brows are visible and dark enough when seen from a soft natural window light source. Mascara is also a good choice for headshot photography. Because darker colors work better with mascara, even if you normally use brown, black is typically the best option. 

When shooting natural-looking headshots, such as those for an actress audition or a business bio, there is no need to apply heavy eye makeup. In contrast, if you want to create more styled pictures, the eye accents should be a little darker or more bright. False lashes are acceptable for most types of work, with the exception of the actor’s headshot. 

In photographs, the eyelashes do not seem to be as long and dramatic. Always keep in mind that the photographic lighting generally makes your face seem lighter in color, and your eyes are where most people will focus their attention.

Bronzer and Blush

bronzer and blush
Bronzer and Blush (Image Source: Pinterest)

When it comes to defining your cheekbones and giving them a rosy glow, blush and bronzer are excellent tools. To get a slightly flushed, glowing appearance, brush a little bronzer under your cheekbones and along the outside of your face, followed by a small dusting of blush on the apples of your cheeks.


Lips (Image Source: Pinterest)

Natural lip colors that enhance the shade of your lips seem to be the most attractive options. Apply a little amount of neutral lip liner around your lips to help keep the lipstick in place while you’re talking.

Avoid using glossy glosses and instead choose your favorite natural-toned cream or matte lipsticks. Make use of a tinted lip balm or chapstick to give your lips a wonderful translucent color while also keeping them smooth and moisturized at the same time.

Hair for Professional Headshot

hair for a professional headshot
Hair for a Professional Headshot (Image Source: Pinterest)

Hairspray, gel, and other styling tools may help control frizz and give your hair a healthy appearance. Make a point of avoiding items that have a matte finish. These are OK in some situations, but not during a photoshoot. 

Hair that has been matte polished will appear dull and lifeless in photographs. Instead, utilize hair treatments that add shine to your hair. For ladies, a variety of hair shine sprays are available in varying formulas (Biosilk spray is a favorite in the studio).


white teeth
White Teeth (Image Source: Pinterest)

Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth if you need to whiten them last minute before an important event or meeting. For this tutorial, this simple treatment can brighten your smile and offer you a set of pearly whites that are sure to boost your confidence.

These are the 12 simple tips and tricks. I really hope that my guide on makeup for modeling headshots will be helpful to you. Consider visiting our website BS Makeup Kits for the latest professional makeup updates.