9 makeup tips for christmas party

9 Makeup Tips for Christmas Party

It’s that time of year once more. The much-anticipated Christmas party is about to begin at firms, offices, and workplaces across the United States, and with Christmas joy flowing and the festivities in full gear, your style has to be on point so we have a few makeup tips for the Christmas party.

We all want to attend our Christmas parties with elegance and grace, from dress to hair and make-up. We know you’ll turn heads with our Christmas beauty advice. And maybe, just maybe, Santa will treat you to a fantastic spa trip in Yorkshire this year, so you can fully indulge yourself.

Makeup Tips for Christmas Party
Makeup Tips for Christmas Party (Image Source: Pinterest)

Makeup Tips for Christmas Party

When it comes to holiday makeup, there are a few factors to take into account. Therefore, here are the top makeup tips for Christmas party you’ll want to know. The first and foremost makeup tips for Christmas party is that you’ll most likely be partying till the small hours of the morning, so wear makeup that is long-lasting and waterproof.

Second, it’s pretty OK to try out a fresh statement for the occasion. Finally, you’ll need to bring a few things to the party with you for quick repairs. As a result, here are nine Makeup Tips for Christmas Party to help you look stunning on Christmas Day.

Prep The Face

You must ensure that your skin is in excellent condition before the big event. Nother makeup tips for Christmas party are to avoid flakiness and acne and to clean your face up to twice a week. Salicylic acid has been shown in studies to be a mild yet efficient peeling agent for oily skin types.

Another benefit of salicylic acid is that it brightens the skin and eliminates black spots and is one of the best makeup tips for Christmas party. If you have dry skin, look for glycolic acid exfoliants. It was found to be efficient in minimizing the appearance of fine wrinkles and was ideal for fair skin types in research.

Wear Waterproof Foundation

To create a flawless and long-lasting foundation for your party look, you’ll need a high-coverage foundation. Pick a good foundation that will last all day, such as NARS All Day Luminous. Despite being a full-coverage foundation, this foundation looks fantastic on all skin types and feels light. Apply a thin coating of translucent powder to the foundation and you’re ready to go.

NARS All Day Luminous
NARS All Day Luminous (Image Source: Pinterest)

Add Red Lips

The greatest Christmas party makeup tip nearly always involves red lipstick to match the occasion. Because Christmas is all about reds, I recommend strong red lips. Violette, a French cosmetic artist, says she likes Sephora Cream Lip Stain because it’s a long-wearing lipstick that doesn’t spread all over your face.

Violette also advises keeping the rest of your face natural because the attention should be on your lips. To achieve a balanced appearance for your Christmas event, go for a basic winged eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow.

Red Lips Makeup Tips for Christmas Party
Red Lips Makeup Tips for Christmas Party (Image Source: Pinterest)

False Lashes

Sure, waterproof mascara won’t let you down on your night out, but false lashes are unquestionably superior. Fake eyelashes create a feminine and dreamy look for the eyes. I recommend Esqido Flawless Lashes, which are feathery and natural-looking. According to Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess, if your objective is to look beautiful in your New Year’s photographs, you may go for the full-lash look. Lashes with a lot of volumes jump out and look excellent in pictures.

False Lashes
False Lashes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Avoid Creasing Under-Eyes

The worst problem about so many concealers is that they crease beneath the eyes, which is especially problematic if you have fine lines and wrinkles. Makeup expert Amy Nadine recommends putting a light application of concealer below your eyes and pressing with a tissue to avoid this from happening while you’re out partying and having fun.

With a concealer brush, remove any residual excess and set with powder, and you’re done! For the greatest results, I recommend the Maybelline Master Prime. The solution is designed to minimize unattractive wrinkles while also prolonging the life of the foundation and avoiding flaky makeup.

Avoid Creasing Under-Eyes
Avoid Creasing Under-Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Here is a short video to show how you can prevent under-eye creasing:

Why Smoky Eyes

Here is a reason in our makeup tips for Christmas party why you should wear smoky eyes, winged-eyeliner looks amazing on anyone and everyone, but it’s a high-maintenance style, and because you’ll be dancing all night, your eyeliner will most likely fade away as the night progresses. Instead, go for a glittering smokey eye like Lina Ekh. Lina achieved this look by applying glitter to her whole eyelid after creating a traditional grey smokey eye. The style is appropriate for a New Year’s Eve or Christmas celebration, and it’s also low-maintenance. However, apply an eye primer to keep your eye makeup in place.

Smokey Eye
Smokey Eye (Image Source: Pinterest)

This fine tutorial will show you how you can achieve this smokey eye look: 


When it comes to Christmas beauty trends and makeup tips for Christmas parties, glitter is everywhere. Glittery makeup is sometimes seen as risqué and even silly, but don’t let that stop you from having a good time with your look on New Year’s Eve and Christmas. After all, it is the season of sparkles. Metro.co.uk has compiled a list of ten eye glitter styles that you may attempt this holiday season. 

Glitter (Image Source: Pinterest)

However, if you’re going to use glitter on your eyelids, stick to a neutral-colored lipstick and forego the contouring for the time being. To avoid tackiness, the whole attention should be on your sparkling eyes. 

Fleek EyeBrows

Of course, no amount of makeup can save you if you don’t have gorgeous face-framing brows to complement your style. Whatever you do with your brows, don’t use a shade of eyebrow pencil or powder that is too dark; otherwise, you’ll seem eternally irritated. 

Eyebrows on Fleek
Eyebrows on Fleek (Image Source: Pinterest)

Tinted eyebrow gel, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, is an excellent product for creating fuller brows that remain in place. This brow gel’s botanical blend is non-greasy and simple to remove at the end of the night. It also has excellent ratings, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Essentials You Must Carry

The last but certainly not the least makeup tip for a Christmas party is that you’ll most likely need to retouch your makeup throughout the night, so bring a few beauty necessities with you. Smudging paper pressed powder, and lipstick is all you’ll need. To prevent spending the night repairing creases, smudging, or raccoon eyes, wear long-lasting makeup. In such a scenario, after a few glasses of champagne, you’ll simply need to remove some of the extra oiliness and reapply your lips. 

Essentials You Must Carry
Essentials You Must Carry (Image Source: Pinterest)

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve approaching, you’ve undoubtedly already generated mental images of how you want your makeup to appear. 

Makeup for Christmas Party
Makeup for Christmas Party (Image Source: Pinterest)

However, keep in mind that your makeup will be subjected to a lot of hugging, kissing, dancing, and maybe even tears. So, for a perfect makeup look for your holiday parties, be sure to follow our makeup tips for Christmas parties.

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