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What Is The Mediterranean Skin Tone?

The people who have Mediterranean skin tone are the ones who live in the Mediterranean Sea, which is bounded on all sides by a total of 22 countries, which are dispersed over three separate continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe. Therefore, there is a large amount of variability in the appearance of different people.

the mediterranean skin
The Mediterranean Skin (Image Source: Pinterest)

When one attempts to pin down just what a Mediterranean skin tone is and how it should seem, they may find themselves in a state of confusion. What is the precise tone of the color? Is it the same as having olive-colored skin?

The skin of people who live in the Mediterranean has a tone that can be described as cream, light brown, or moderate brown, and it tans quickly. It is also potential for it to contain overtones of yellow, olive, or gold.

Please continue reading to find out what a Mediterranean skin tone is, how it differs from an olive skin tone, and how to recognize people with a Mediterranean skin tone.

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The Mediterranean Skin Tone

The color tones of skin that are characteristic of people from the Mediterranean range from light beige to a medium brown. In addition to that, there is a huge range of possible undertones, which might range from yellow to golden to olive green.

Also, keep in mind that in some nations that run along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, there are folks who spend more time in the sun than in the shadow and vice versa in other countries. Those who spend more time in the sun get deeper skin tones as a result of this phenomenon.

Skin that has not been revealed to the sun might be as much as 10 times lighter than skin that has. The sun tends to shine more brightly in the nations of the Middle East and Africa that are located along the Mediterranean. 

As a result, people with Mediterranean skin tone complexion are a shade or two darker than that individual living in France or Spain, where the sun isn’t quite as intense, and there are more trees and other sources of shade.

Mediterranean Skin Tones Based On Nations

Now let’s look at some Mediterranean skin tones based on different nations.

Spanish skin tone

People from Southern Spain are included in the group of people who make their homes along the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea. 

A significant number of people who identify as having Southern Spanish ancestry have darker and more tanned skin than average. 

Their skin might be olive, a light brown, or a medium brown in tone, depending on their genetic makeup.

Even though they don’t spend as much time in the sun as some of the others, many of them have darker skin. 

People with lighter skin tones began to appear in Southern Spain by migrating people from northern Europe, including Germanic tribes, Vikings, and other northern European immigrants. Therefore, a significant number of people in Southern Spain have a lighter skin tone than the Mediterranean skin tone average.

Turkish skin tone

Turkey is another nation that has a significant portion of its coastline running along the Mediterranean Sea. The individuals who have lived in Turkey over the course of its history come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Because of this blending of numerous races, the present inhabitants of Turkey have skin tones that range from very fair or light to light brown or browned, depending on their ethnic background.

Southern France Skin Tone

Like Spain, a considerable portion of France’s coastline is situated along the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, much as in Southern Spain, most people in the south of France have olive or Mediterranean skin tone. 

This is another similarity between the two regions. They are descendants of people of various ethnic groups that moved to France over the course of several hundred years.

The history of many racial groups coming together in the southern region of France is highly diverse and interesting. For instance, people living in the south of France can trace their ancestry back to the troops who fought for the Roman Empire.

Some people will be able to trace their ancestry back to individuals who participated in the Crusades or even to Omayyad subjects who traveled through the Pyrenees on their way to Europe. These people will be able to do this since their ancestors served in the Crusades.

Because of these complicated migrations and the mixing of people of many races and religions, it is only natural that modern-day Southern Frenchmen have a complexion that is not exclusively light or white but is mostly olive or tanned.

That concludes the Mediterranean skin tone in today’s blog. I hope you enjoyed it and learned what you wanted. If you would like to read more on skin tones check out “How to Match Colors to Your Olive Undertone Skin?” only at BS Makeup Kits.