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Undertones Of Medium Olive Skin Tone

What is a medium olive skin tone? Before answering, allow me to tell you a little background. When I went to the beauty shop a few short years ago, the foundations lined the shelves came in hues of “beige, more beige, and most beige.” 

medium olive skin
Medium Olive Skin (Image Source: Pinterest)

Since then, we have gone a long way from those days. But if there are now more than 40 hues to choose from, why is it that an astonishing 90 percent of olive complexion women between the ages of 16 and 25 are still unsatisfied with their foundation? That is something I can vouch for.

What do we mean by medium olive skin tone?

According to Dr. Hiba Injibar, a consultant dermatologist, a sizable percentage of the problem is brought on by the numerous misconceptions surrounding the definition of olive skin itself, especially medium olive skin tone.

On the range of complexions, it’s frequently wrongly used to describe pretty much any complexion among pale and dark or white and black, she adds. Many people think of “olive skin tone” as a synonym for “medium olive skin tone.” On the spectrum of complexions, it’s sometimes incorrectly used to define “medium.”

Olive is neither a shade of skin nor a kind of person. Dr. Hiba, who is also the founder of the Dermasurge clinic on Harley Street, says, “It refers to the skin’s undertones rather than the depth and intensity of color.”

What exactly do we mean when we talk about medium olive skin tone? Is there really a greenish tint to it? And is it possible to have really light olive skin as well as extremely dark olive skin? We explain everything, debunking a large number of common misconceptions along the way.

Does medium olive skin tone have warm, cool or neutral undertones?

A spectrum of colors may be seen in medium olive skin tones, ranging from black to white. However, each skin tone has a thing known as “overtones,” which may have a variety of undertones. Some complexions have neutral undertones, while others have warm or cool undertones. 

Cool undertones relate to skin with a pink or blue tinge, while warm undertones refer to skin that is more peach or yellow. 

Simply looking at the veins on your wrist will tell you if you have cool, warm, or neutral undertones. If your veins are blue, you have cool undertones, and if they are green, you have warm undertones. If your veins are a combination of blue and green, you have neutral undertones.

Makeup artist Mira Parmar, who has worked with Aishwarya Rai and Suki Waterhouse, among other celebrities, adds that “medium olive skin tone complexion is generally thought of as neutral-toned, but it can really be cold or warm-toned as well.”

It’s common knowledge that medium olive skin has a neutral tone, but the truth is that olive skin may also have cold or warm undertones.

One of the best foundations for medium olive skin is the Dermablend Cover Creme Full Coverage Cream Foundation. 

And that is the wrap for today on “What do we mean by medium olive skin tone?” I deeply hope you liked it and enjoyed it as well as got the answer to your question. 

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