polygel slip solution alternatives

Nail Slip Solution Alternatives

In this article, you will learn about the Polygel Slip Solution Alternatives. You’ll need Slip Solution to work with Polygel Nails. What kind of alcohol is used in the application of Polygel nails? This is a question that many people who consider using Polygel nails have on their minds. Isopropyl alcohol is used as a solution during the procedure.

This is not the same as the alcohol found in liquor or wine. In contrast to natural alcohol, synthetic alcohol is significantly stronger, as implied by its name. Polygel that contains isopropyl alcohol will have a smoother application because of the alcohol. We don’t have time to waste, so let’s begin!

Polygel Slip Solution Alternatives

The best alternative is to use a nail paint remover that does not include acetone. Some gel nail kits contain Slip Solution, and there are others that do not. If you cannot get Slip Solution and the shops are out of isopropyl alcohol, as has been the situation in many cases, you may use a non-acetone nail paint remover.

Remember that the label must specify that the product is “non-acetone.” It will be clearly marked on the front or back of the bottle. See why by taking a look at the list of ingredients below!

Unless acetone is listed, you have the incorrect kind of lubricant! Any drugstore or dollar shop will have the non-acetone nail polish remover, which will cost you no more than a few dollars. Because acetone is a solvent, you may be wondering why you wouldn’t want to use it.

It’s an acrylic and gel-removing solvent that’s much too strong for this use. As a result, the gel would be weakened or dissolved, resulting in a disaster. To make the gel thinner, simpler to distribute, and remove excess, all you need is a little bit of Slip Solution.

polygel slip solution alternatives
Polygel Slip Solution Alternatives (Image Source: Pinterest)

Polygel nail kits are a wonderful option if you want to have salon-quality nails at home without going to the salon. However, even if you already have a stock of slip solution on hand, you may be thinking, “What can I substitute for slip solution while working with Polygel?”. According to the results of the research, there are a variety of options to slip solutions:

Gel base coat

It is fully transparent and watery like a Gel Base Coat, making it a great alternative for a slick. Regular slip solution may be used in the same way that this product is intended to be used.

Base Coat as Slip Solution

Non-acetone nail polish remover

Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover, in contrast to slip solution, does not contain any acetone. I would only suggest it as a last option. This is because your Polygel nails’ life may be reduced due to this.

Nail Polish Remover as a SLIP Solution

Rubbing alcohol

These are the most probable options for a slip solution that does not alter the stickiness of the Polygel and provides the same results as a slip solution. Because alcohol is the key component, you may simply replace other types of alcohol for slip solution.