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Face Paint Zombie Pop Art Makeup

I’ve been seeing a lot of pop art zombie makeups and they’re all so vibrant, lovely, and unforgettable. Artists create various pop zombie makeup looks. Many different nuances can be introduced to make these zombie pop art makeup look extraordinary and stunning.

I decided to try my hand at painting pop art zombie makeup, but since I am a beginner, I went on a scavenger hunt on the internet to find an easy beginner pop art makeup guide. I required that it be cartoon zombie makeup and simple zombie face drawings. I don’t mind if it was a face paint zombie makeup considering my drawing skills.  

pop art zombie makeu
Pop Art Zombie Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

And finally, I found a fun cartoon zombie makeup that had a pop art zombie makeup tutorial to follow. I like this zombie face paint tutorial because it is not only an easy beginner pop art zombie makeup but also because it has an option on either you can go with a grey zombie makeup look or a green zombie makeup look. It is also a pop art makeup on dark skin tutorial. So no worries, we have got you covered if you are a light or dark skin kind of person.

Pop Art Zombie Makeup

Before jumping into the tutorial, let’s talk about what pop art makeup is, so a question is asked in this scenario “What is pop art makeup?” 

What Is Pop Art Makeup?

Pop art started in the 1950s, but it took off in the 1960s. It officially originated in the United Kingdom, but Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns helped turn it into a significant art trend in New York City.

Pop art uses modern commercialized objects and cultural symbols such as labeling requirements, ads, and movie stars. Pop Art was, in some ways, a reaction to Abstract Expressionist art’s complete seriousness. In a more simple phrase, pop art is fun.

pop art zombie makeu
Pop Art Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Now back to the “how to paint a zombie face with makeup,” let us start the zombie face paint tutorial.

Face Paint Zombie Makeup Tutorial

face paint zombie makeup tutorial
Face Paint Zombie Makeup Tutorial (Image Source: Pinterest)

Step 1: The Base

I used Elmer’s glue stick to flatten my brows, sealing them both with and against the grain, then combing them out and letting them dry. I gave them one more layer of paint before setting them with talcum powder. I used foundation to attempt to hide the black hair beneath them.

I used the same old Snazaroo face paint palette I purchased for my first makeup to cover my entire face, chest, and arms with green paint, but as this tutorial is versatile, you can always go for grey if you want a grey zombie makeup look.

Step 2: Brows

To achieve the overall form of my brows, I used an eyebrow stencil and some pink face paint. To make them livelier, I outlined them in black and painted another coat of pink within. I defined some jagged markings on my forehead and drew in this part with magenta.

I placed some black squiggles within to create one such magenta glob that resembles a brain. It took a lot of experimenting with pink, black, and wet q-tips to get the part to appear like such a brain.

Step 3: Eyes

For the pop art eye makeup zombie, I used grey eyeshadow to tint my bottom brow region and beneath my eyes after applying a thick layer of black eyeliner. I took my darkest shadow and blended it up to match the grey. I also used black eyeliner under my lower lash line.

I used a black liquid liner, mascara, and my thickest pair of tape eyelashes to round out the look.

Step 4: Teeth

I knew I needed to incorporate some visible jaws, and I’ve always had a problem with teeth. I painted the fangs and used black paint to outline the gaping mouth, intending to give it a tattered and ragged effect. In addition, I used black to outline the teeth and pink to fill in the gaps.

I’ve realized that I’ll need a smaller brush and a much steadier hand for details like this. I outlined the opposite side of my lips in black, then filled them in with pink paint. 

Step 5: Last Touch

With a dark outline and pale brush, I also added random jagged rips to my forehead and cheeks. I also painted a black skeletal cavity on my nose, tried to showcase the middle with white color, and then clouded it all up with rushed paintwork.

This was the end of the “how to do pop art makeup zombie tutorial”. I can say that I surely learned a lot about pop art zombie makeup and have taken advantage of it. We hope that you also had the same fun experience learning pop art zombie makeup. For more info on makeup visit again at BS Makeup Kits.

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