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Professional Face Paint Kits For Kids And Adults

If you’re planning on doing some cosplay for a festival, are a professional face painter, or perhaps want to have some weekend fun with the kids, good face paint will let your creativity flow and won’t deteriorate in harsh situations. We go through a few essential considerations before making your final purchase, as well as the techniques and tricks that the finest face paint artists use to get outstanding results.

When looking for the best professional face paint kit, we noticed a few things that kept popping up as extremely crucial when purchasing. Professional face paint kits come in various shapes and sizes, including cakes, pens, and pots. For the most part, the results of all of these paints are almost identical; nonetheless, each has its own set of physical advantages.

Wet pots are excellent for face painting on the fly because they won’t need water to activate. Face paint in the form of pans and cakes is the most popular. Pens, like watercolors, must be activated with a damp brush or sponge before use. This form of face paint is also highly portable, which is why professional face painters prefer it. 

Pens/crayons are last but not least. Pens are better for kids and beginners who draw a few lines or make traces on the face (think accented eyebrows, whiskers, etc.). They’re effortless to use, don’t require any additional art supplies, and are portable. Naturally, pens have a minimal range of applications, yet they are more than adequate depending on your intended painting.

12 Best Professional Face Paint Kits For Kids And Adults

We selected our most acceptable options from among the most famous face paints. Some kits are great if you’re on a low budget and only plan to use them once in a while. Others include high-quality colors similar to those used by the pros at festivals. You won’t find a high-end professional face paint palette here; instead, each professional face paint kit is reasonably priced. While most kits include a few brushes, it’s not a bad idea to have your own!

Snazaroo Face Paint Set

Snazaroo Face Paint Set
Snazaroo Face Paint Set (Image Source: Pinterest)

Snazaroo is the most iconic professional face paint kit brand, and it delivers in terms of ingredient quality and colorful effects. There’s a lot to appreciate about this company from the United Kingdom. First, let’s look at their ingredient list. Each face paint is fragrance-free and developed to meet the Toy Safety and Cosmetic Regulations in the European Union and the United States.

Furthermore, their face paints are non-toxic, making them suitable for children. But, as good as the components are, it’s the vibrancy and color selection that truly counts. They feature one of the most diverse professional face paint makeup accessible, with 37 base colors (plus metallic and sparkling variants). It allows you to create spectacular effects on your face that will turn heads.

The idea that this face paint was water-soluble was a feature that many artists appreciated. To apply, all you need is a damp brush or sponge to activate it, and you’re good to go. Snazaroo paint is sweat-resistant, but it can be easily washed off with warm, soapy water at the end of the day. Snazaroo is the brand of choice for people who face paint regularly. They are pretty accessible due to their extensive color choices, safe ingredients, and simple nature.

Mehron Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint Palette

Mehron Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint Palette
Mehron Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint Palette (Image Source: Pinterest)

Mehron is the professional’s choice for creating stunning effects on Broadway shows like Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Shrek The Musical, and others. So, whether you’re looking for a new professional face paint kit for professional use or cosplay, the Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint Palette is the way to go. With a total of 30 little wells, you’ll have a well-organized palette that’s simple to use with a brush or sponge on a routine basis.

Assisting you in increasing your productivity and, as a result, producing better results. Mehron’s ability to mix was praised by several professional face paint artists, despite the organization’s greatness. With just a little water, the highly saturated colors will easily combine. While the 30 colors included in this kit are fantastic, the ability to merge to create almost any color in the rainbow was a pleasant addition.

Imagic Professional Cosmetics Face & Body Paint

Imagic Professional Cosmetics Face & Body Paint
Imagic Professional Cosmetics Face & Body Paint (Image Source: Pinterest)

This professional face paint kit from Imagic Professional Cosmetics is another choice for professional-quality face paint. In this palette, instead of water-based paints, there are 12 oil-based paints. Since some paints aren’t as easy to wash off as others, you can use olive oil and makeup remover wipes to remove them. As this palette doesn’t come with paintbrushes, it’s a good idea to pick a pack of your own.

Artiparty Professional Face Paint Kit

Artiparty Professional Face Paint Kit
Artiparty Professional Face Paint Kit (Image Source: Pinterest)

This professional face paint kit from Artiparty is a gift if you’re serious about face painting. 12 theater-quality water-based paints, featuring glitter gold and silver, are included in the set. You can also use three different types of paint brushes to apply the paint. If you’re on the way, you may wash it with soap and water or wet wipes.

TAG Face Paint

TAG Face Paint
TAG Face Paint (Image Source: Pinterest)

TAG, based in Australia, is another good option for individuals seeking a new professional face paint kit to test in cosplay and professional purposes. You should have no trouble obtaining the correct paint for your intended application, as there are various professional color of face paint available (standard colors depicted above). TAG uses cosmetic-grade, FDA-approved ingredients, just like any other high-quality face paint.

The water-activated wells included in this package will make application and removal simple. Overall, we were pretty pleased with TAG’s face painting kit. It received good marks from several online shops and provided excellent results. If you want to enhance your face painting kit and are willing to pay a modest premium, these are the ones to get.

Zenovika Face Paint Kit For Kids

Face Paint Kit
Face Paint Kit (Image Source: Pinterest)

This Zenovika kit is an excellent buy if you’re searching for a one-stop experience for all things face paint. There are 15 solid and vibrant hues in the paints and a lot of white and black. Paint application is aided by the use of two brushes and sponges.

Two different hair chalks and glitters are supplied for extra pizazz. There are also 60 sizable professional face paint stencils to help those who are artistically handicapped get started with some simple designs. A face paint book with step-by-step tutorials for certain full-faced styles is another fantastic extra.

CCbeauty Professional Face Paint

CCbeauty Professional Face Paint
CCbeauty Professional Face Paint (Image Source: Pinterest)

The CCbeauty Professional Face Paint is oil-based rather than water-based, which sets it apart from many other products on our list. As a result, water will not be required to activate the pigment and apply it to your face. This combo is ideal for travel because you can just dip a sponge or brush into the well and use it right away.

Furthermore, as these are oil-based rather than water-based, washing them will be much more complex and will require the use of additional products. Because this is an oil-based product, we advise that it be used only by adults and people who do not have sensitive skin, as allergic reactions are possible.

Graftobian Face Paint

Graftobian Face Paint
Graftobian Face Paint (Image Source: Pinterest)

Graftobian, like Snazaroo, has been a staple in the face painting field for a long time (est. 1978). The professional face paint palette’s 12 colors produced bold and stunning results that will make your future painting stand out.

These paints will not fracture in the wrinkles of your skin, even when applied to places with a lot of movement (i.e., colors around the eyes and mouth). Because they’re water-soluble, they’re just as easy to remove as they are to apply. Additionally, the equal pigment distribution ensures that there will be no streaks and that blending results will be predictable.

Maydear – Face Painting Kit for Kids

Maydear - Face Painting Kit For Kids
Maydear – Face Painting Kit For Kids (Image Source: Pinterest)

Maydear’s face paint kit includes 10 vibrant colors, 2 Glitters for a natural appearance, and 4 sets of painting stencils, including 1 large brush for larger coverage & vibrant finish, and 1 fine brush for super thin lines & sharp edges. Two sponges, two double-headed foam applicators are also included. There’s also a free ebook guide you can download that includes 20 patterns and 8 video tutorials that any beginner or seasoned face painter can do to get started.

Adis & Guys Art Supply Face Paint Kit

Adis & Guys Art Supply Face Paint Kit
Adis & Guys Art Supply Face Paint Kit (Image Source: Pinterest)

With this over 70-piece face painting set, you’ll have everything you need. You can choose from a palette of 20 vibrant colors & three sparkling glitters. Two sponges and three different-sized paintbrushes are provided for the application. The hair chalk is a fun extra in this kit, but it’s incorporated into a comb that slides through your child’s hair for simple and even application. 

Blue Squid Kids Face Paint

Blue Squid Kids Face Paint
Blue Squid Kids Face Paint (Image Source: Pinterest)

This 160-piece collection from Blue Squid includes everything you need to do a lot of face painting. You’ll soon have a line of kids eager to have their faces painted by you, with 22 brilliant colors, glitters, stick-on gems, and even hair chalks.

To use, there are three paintbrushes and six different sponge applicators. Allow your children to choose their design from the free professional face paint stencils sheets or design book. These paints are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, vegan, and non-toxic, according to Blue Squid.

Mosaiz Face Paint Crayons

Mosaiz Face Paint Crayons
Mosaiz Face Paint Crayons (Image Source: Pinterest)

These Mosaiz face paint crayons are a great option if you’re looking for stuff a little more straightforward and portable. They’re simple to use, so even your child can have a good time and customize their face anyway they like without making a big mess. The set includes 12 bright shades, as well as special gold and silver crayons for a gleaming metallic finish. Because each crayon is made of water-based paint, it’s easy to remove and clean.

Questions You Were Afraid To Ask About Face Painting

Is it safe to use acrylics as face paint?

No! Acrylic paint is not recommended for use on the face. It contains hazardous chemicals that might irritate the skin and perhaps create other problems. Although the paint is a water-based solvent, getting it off your skin can be a nightmare.

Is it okay if I paint my face with watercolors?

Watercolor paints contain a variety of pigments with variable levels of toxicity. Although watercolor paints are safe to use on paper, they are not entirely safe to use on your body or face. It’s preferable to use face paints that are meant to be applied to the skin.

Is it possible to paint on a face mask?

With fabric markers and paint, you can use a white or light-colored mask as a canvas. Empower your artistic abilities and imagination to bloom.

What should I do first when it comes to face painting?

Expert painters used the following online tutorials, as well as tips and tricks, to achieve beautiful effects during face painting:

Half Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Here Roxxsaurus gives us an inside look at how she creates Half Skull Halloween Face painting. She creates this look with the inspiration of Chrisspy’s photo which she found on Google.

Lady Gaga Skull Makeup Tutorial

Alex Faction posted iconic Lady Gaga skull makeup and he wanted to show us how to achieve a detailed yet simple Halloween skull makeup look! All brushes used are Sigma which is an all-time favorite for many artists.

Realistic Spider-Woman Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Taylor Wilkinson created a spider woman Halloween makeup in this tutorial. From a few past years, this look is most appreciated on Halloween.

Dark Queen Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Dark Queen Halloween Makeup Tutorial is an iconic work by Simple Symphony. As she posted many tutorials on Halloween makeup on her channel, this is one of the best tutorials which is on youtube. This look is scary plus beautiful.

Halloween Skull Kids Makeup Tutorial

This is a simple and straightforward tutorial on how to create a skull makeup look on Halloween for the kids by Tomasina.

Picking the right face paint turned out to be a challenge. With so many brands to choose from, it can be challenging to cut through the ‘fluff’ to find a face paint that looks and performs well and does not cause severe skin reactions.

However, after doing extensive study, we are confident with our choice above – and we believe you will be as well! We hope you had as much fun reading this tutorial as we had written it – now have some fun and paint some faces!