professional headshots with hair and makeup

Hair and Makeup Tips for Professional Headshots

Your professional headshot is the image you use to market yourself to the rest of the world, so make sure it is real to you and accurately reflects your qualities. Professional headshots should be updated at least one to two years, assuming that your look hasn’t changed much.

On the other hand, a great headshot provides you with a professional look, can represent your personality, and will make an impression. If you’re confident and assertive, you’ll be seen as more reliable and competitive by others. The candidate’s initial impression of recruiters can be made here. In this article, we will discuss professional headshots with hair and makeup.

professional headshot with hair and makeup
Headshots with hair and makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

8 Tips For Professional Headshots With Hair And Makeup

The 8 tips for professional headshots with hair and makeup are given below:

Be Honest With Yourself

It’s tempting to look beautiful in your headshots. While you can absolutely use these photographs as an occasion to treat yourself to an afternoon with your hairstylist, avoid the desire to change your appearance drastically. If you straighten your normally curly hair or apply a fresh spray tan that makes you many shades darker than your regular skin tone, your headshots will not reflect your true appearance properly.

People should get more familiar with you as a result of your headshot so that they can quickly identify you in the workplace based on what they’ve seen online. Your headshot may seem to reflect you in an unflattering or even off-putting manner if you are unable to maintain that look in your everyday work environment. Maintain a look that is as near as possible to your natural look.

Make a Plan in Advance

make a plan in advance
Make a Plan in Advance (Image Source: Pinterest)

Preparation for your headshots should begin at least four to five days before the event. Consider scheduling a facial, shaping your brows, whitening your teeth, having your hair cut, or having your hair color touched up, depending on the look you want to create. None of these actions are required, nor are they even necessarily suggested. 

However, if you believe that they are vital, you should plan ahead of time to ensure they are done. Avoid any significant grooming the day before or the day of your shoot. You should avoid coming immediately to the studio after having your brows, or upper lip waxed since you may end up with visible redness on your face due to the procedure.

As you get close to your professional headshots, make sure you’re getting lots of water. Dehydration can manifest in the form of chapped lips and flaky skin. To speed up the healing process of cracked lips, make it a habit to use lip balm several days before you need it. 

It is very useful to use a healing lip balm before going to bed. Maintain a high level of care while applying sunscreen in the week leading up to your shoot to avoid being burnt or peeling skin from excessive exposure.

Focus On Skincare

focus on skincare
Focus On Skincare (Image Source: Pinterest)

Skincare is really important in this tutorial. If you concentrate on how great your skin naturally seems, everything you choose to put on top of that will look even more beautiful. Breakouts, hormones, and other concerns may make us feel hopeless. A highly professional photographer can help edit your images in a way that will guarantee you look your best. 

Be careful to chat with them about your problems beforehand. Most photographers are willing to spend extra time editing, so you obtain a perfectly natural, polished look photo. If you’re struggling with more of the “everyday” blemishes, uneven skin tone, and dryness, the answer is very simple. 

One week before your photoshoot, increase your water intake. I know what you’re thinking, but I guarantee you that it will make a far greater impact than you expect. Being properly hydrated can help tighten skin, decrease pores, brighten skin tone, and have other skin-related effects. Another option is to pamper yourself with a facial massage. 

If you have the financial resources, schedule an appointment with a professional esthetician. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can do your facial at home! There are various reasonably priced, high-quality face masks available for purchase for less than $5. Avoid those less expensive than that since they are most likely not made with the best ingredients.

Makeup artists cannot alter your skin’s texture. This is something I say a lot, but it’s true. When you see a picture of someone with wonderful-looking skin, it’s either a product of some really excellent editing or a strict skincare routine. The truth is that makeup applies more attractively to healthy skin.

Select High-Quality Makeup Products

select high-quality makeup products
Select High-Quality Makeup Products (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you get your photoshoot regularly, invest in some high-quality makeup. However, there are a few notable exceptions to this rule, and for the most part, the inexpensive HD foundations will not include any SPF.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a high-quality foundation, consider investing in a loose powder that you can use to “set” your tinted makeup. Powder foundations are another option if you don’t like the way, the foundation feels on your skin. However, they can get cakey.

Three commercially available brands that quickly come to mind are the Ultra HD Make Up For Ever foundation (available at Sephora and other major retailers). Remember that it takes a little time for the product to absorb into the skin, so wait around 20 minutes after application before taking your pictures. 

In addition, Make Up For Ever (MUFE) offers an oil-free version for those with oily skin, which is highly crucial if you don’t want to seem shiny on camera or in pictures. One such excellent foundation that is commonly available and easily accessible.

It’s a more full-coverage alternative that has excellent pigmentation and almost no flashback at all. NARS also provides a number of great products for a variety of skin types. For oily-skinned beauties, search for products that are labeled as “oil-free” or “mattifying.”

Make Your Makeup More Simple

make your makeup more simple
Make Your Makeup More Simple (Image Source: Pinterest)

While you want to maintain your makeup application as near as possible to your normal look, there are a few exceptions to make a point of. Certain makeup application styles are generally unflattering in headshots, even if they could look nice in person. Some crucial things to remember are:

  • The thick under-eyeliner can make you seem older on camera. Keep the application mild if you apply liner under your eyes.
  • A little touch of natural dewiness on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose gives a youthful look.
  • For this article, and neutral eyeshadows are the ideal choice. To try with a smokey eye or color makeup for some of your shoots, it’s best to do it midway during your session so that you can test out a few different looks. It’s much simpler to add color than it is to take it.
  • Makeup with an SPF is generally too reflective for studio lighting. Avoid using sun protection products during your shoot.
  • Makeup with a lot of shimmers can reflect the camera lighting unpleasantly. Make sure to avoid any bronzers, blushes, eye shadows, or lipsticks that have a glittering or shimmery finish. Avoid lip gloss, which is very glossy.

It’s best if you can arrange to get your cosmetics done by a professional before the shoot. If you’re having your headshot done indoors, be sure to inform your makeup artist that you’ll want an application that is suitable for studio lighting. Our advice for male-presenting consumers is that they avoid using makeup unless they have severe acne and a skin problem that they would prefer to minimize. Minor acne is best dealt with after the editing phase.

Keep Your Facial Hair Neat

keep your facial hair neat
Keep Your Facial Hair Neat (Image Source: Pinterest)

You don’t have to shave your face for headshots if you normally have facial hair on your face. You should, however, make certain that it is correctly trimmed and maintained for your picture shoot. If you’re not used to shaving before a shot, you’ll want to shave before your shoot. If you have sensitive skin and need to shave the night before, you can do so.

Professionally Style Your Hair

professionally style your hair
Professionally Style Your Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

Choose a consistent style with the professional image you want to present at work when it comes to styling your hair. Consider how you would normally style your hair for a job interview, crucial meeting, or business presentation to get an idea. These are the kinds of looks that you should go for. 

If you’re having your headshots taken for an acting profession, think about how you’d style your hair for an audition. A gentle blowout with a little soft volume is frequently the best option when it comes to long hair. A severe bun may be considered too harsh, whereas a ponytail or untidy bun may be considered too informal for most jobs. 

Make time to comb and style your short hair, and use styling products as required to keep it in place if you have short hair. Care should be used using hair gel or other products that might provide a glossy appearance that seems wet or slick when lighting in a studio. 

These are a few tips and tricks on professional headshots, which will help you with headshots. For more updates about professional makeup and headshots, visit our website, BS Makeup Kits.