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Best Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair Without Bleaching

If you have dark hair color like me, you’re likely aware of the puzzle of attempting to dye or color your dark hair with a light shade like purple yet having to go through many bleaching applications. What if I were to tell you that you don’t require to bleach your hair and achieve your wanted purple hair dye for a dark hair look. You can chop and modify this with various tribes’ hairstyles or Pop Smoke braids with ease! You could also buy some light or nude nails to run with it.

purple hair dye for dark hair
Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

We’ll go through all the important details on how to acquire purple hair dye for dark hair so you can make the decision. These will complement our other suggestions for getting the best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach.

  • How to color your hair in a variety of ways
  • How to prepare your dark and black hair for a purple or violet transformation
  • What is the best way to pick the proper shade and brand?
  • How to take care of your dyed hair

Before jumping straight in let’s talk about the benefits of not bleaching your hair first.

Benefits Of Avoiding Bleaching

Bleach allows you to change the color of your hair by many shades, making it great for transitioning from a dark foundation color to a lighter blonde or pastel tint. On the other hand, Bleaching does have a negative impact on hair. Even if you’re bleaching pure, fine hair that hasn’t been dyed or bleached previously.

To remove the color, bleach opens up your hair’s cuticles and breaks down the proteins in your hair. This will make hair lighter in color, but this will also make it dryer and weaker. Hair that has been bleached can be unmanageable, grass-like, and can quickly snap. The sunlight, heat processing, and chlorine make it more vulnerable to environmental challenges.

damaged hair after bleaching
Damaged Hair After Bleaching (Image Source: Pinterest)

As a result, bleached hair necessitates extra attention. After bleaching or dying your hair, try a keratin treatment or use a deep conditioner to help minimize the harm.

Types of Best Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair Without Bleach

When it comes to choosing the best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach, there are a lot of varieties in the market but you should always analyze your hair type before getting any violet or purple hair dye that you can use without bleach.

Now a very important question: what type of purple hair dye for dark hair do I choose?

Do not worry a bit because we’ve got you covered if you’re searching for purple hair color for dark hair or black hair that doesn’t require the use of bleach. Here are a few suggestions that you might prefer:

Best Permanent Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair

Permanent color is permanent and is simply only that. In principle, the best permanent purple hair dye for dark hair lasts a lifetime, but it will eventually go away as time passes. Although permanent hair dye is the longest-lasting of the three options, you will still need to maintain your hair color to keep it looking its finest.

best permanent purple hair dye for dark hair
Best Permanent Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

For the most outstanding results, choose a hue that is near to your natural hair color when using permanent color. Many permanent hair color hues include ammonia, which will also lighten your hair color somewhat, although rarely as little as bleaching.

And that is why you should choose a color that is similar to your own such as light purple hair dye for dark hair or violet hair dye for dark hair. Otherwise, you will be dissatisfied.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair color is an alternative if you want to test a new violet hair dye for dark hair or light purple hair dye for dark hair for your dark and black hair without using bleach.

Semi-permanent hair colors do not affect your hair color forever, but they do rinse out after a while. They usually last 4 to 6 showers, depending on the manufacturer and the kind and condition of your hair.

Best Temporary Hair Dye For Dark Hair Without Bleaching

best temporary hair dye for dark hair without bleaching
Best Temporary Hair Dye For Dark Hair Without Bleaching (Image Source: Pinterest)

Color sprays, coloring shampoos, hair chalk, and hair waxes are all temporary solutions if you merely want a temporary hair dye for dark hair without bleaching for a particular event, such as Halloween, a party, or a performance.

Taking Care Of Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair

When you’ve already colored your dark hair purple with such a consistent or moderate hair dye, you’ll like to maintain the color to ensure it remains good.

So here are a few pointers about how to keep your color looking good:

Do Not Wash Your Hair As Much

To help keep your hair color, don’t wash it too often. Consider dry shampoo your new best buddy instead! You’ll probably notice part of the purple hue disappears down the sewer the very first fair few times you shower. This is natural, but utilizing sulfate-free shampoos or co-washes with soothing components will help keep your color vibrant.

do not wash hair as frequently
Do Not Wash Hair As Frequently (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you’ve ever used a semi-permanent color on your hair and still have some dye remaining behind, you may add a little bit to your conditioner every rinse day to help top up your color. Note that the method only operates with semi-permanent dye; leftover permanent dye must be thrown in the trash owing to the company’s oxidizing properties.

Rinse With Cool Water

Hot water expands your hair’s pores, prompting color to fade faster. Washing your hair with cold or lukewarm water will assist in retaining your color.

End with something like a cold rinse (as cool as you risk) to re-seal your hair’s pores, resulting in reduced fuzz, more gloss, and excellent color maintenance.

Deep Condition Regularly

Scalp coloring is abrasive to the scalp. Intense moisturizing on a routine basis makes your hair moisturized and prevents color fading by smoothing the hair’s fibers. To wear your strands in the best condition, deep condition them with a mask or coconut oil at least once a week.

Protect From Heat

The sun’s Ultraviolet rays will degrade your gorgeous vivid purple tint, and continuous exposure may even change its color. As a result, it’s essential to wear a hat or spray your hair with UV protection before heading outside in the sun.

Color fading can also be caused by heat styling. Avoid using heat on your hair and let it air dry after you’ve washed it. Use a high-temperature spray to prevent your hair from heat damage if you’re hooked to blow-drying and hair straighteners.

Preparing Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair At Home

desired purple hair dye for black hair look
Desired Purple Hair Dye For Black Hair Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Make these changes just before opening up the color box to guarantee you get the look (and shade of purple hair color) you wish.

Prep Your Hair A it Early

It’s an excellent thought to skip washing or shampooing your hair for a few days before coloring, or at the very least let it alone for about as long as it possibly can. The construct of natural extracts on your scalp will assist in protecting your hair and scalp from the dye, decreasing the risk of irritation and hair damage, and also profoundly conditioning your hair only a few days before coloring will also help in the process. It is also a good idea to ensure that your hair is in the most extraordinary situation possible. This will give you an equal color outcome and prevent your locks from the dye’s damaging effects and side effects.

Try A Strand Test

Apply a tiny bit of hair color to a strand of your hair and let it on for 20 minutes or more, based on the product, to get your purple highlights on black hair without a bleached look.

purple highlights on black hair without bleach
Purple Highlights On Black Hair Without Bleach (Image Source: Pinterest)

It’s ready to color the remainder of your scalp if the color meets your hopes and your hair accepts the pigment.

Try A Patch Test

Like everyone else you might be wondering why a patch test for your desired purple hair dye for black hair look? You see the answer is simple, paraphenylenediamine is a chemical found or element in most hair dyes that we use and is more commonly known as PPD. There is no reaction or side effects for many,  but at the absolute least, it can irritate you, and even at the worst, it can trigger a significant allergic response. So smear a tad bit of solution of purple hair dye for black hair on a spot of your scalp where it is mostly skin and let it dry according to the instructions of the product.

Suppose you do not face any type of significant allergic responses or reactions with the product (for example, redness, trouble breathing, fainting, or sickness, e.t.c). In that case, you’re okay to go with the product.

However, if you’ve used the specific product before and used it frequently and didn’t have any problems, experts recommend completing a patch test every time you color or dye your hair at home for the safety of your skin and hair.


Conditioning your hair the week before and even the nights before is recommended. If you intend on bleaching your purple hair for black hair, a deep cleansing treatment is extremely important. Consider it a protective layer against the chemicals you’ll be using on your hair. You may also avoid doing your washing the day before your coloring time. Hair’s natural oils can aid with damage limitation and irritation prevention on your scalp.

Use Color Coordinate Shampoo And Conditioner 

Color-boosting hair products are an excellent choice if you desire your permanent or semi-permanent purple hair dye for back hair to last as long as it possibly can. Purple shampoos and conditioners are available to boost color.

Any form of chemical, which might degrade color, should also be avoided. Thankfully, a few of the most delicate shampoo types contain ammonia-free, gentle chemicals that are less inclined to reduce the luster of your hair color.

Have The Correct Accessories 

When coloring your hair, you’ll probably need a comb, brush, mittens, and a few cloths. Wear clothing you wouldn’t bother having colored, and do everything in the restroom so you can simply clean up any spills.

Best Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair Without Bleach Products And Brands

The number of temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent hair color brands in the industry is so large that making a decision can be overwhelming. So to lend you a hand, we decided to narrow things down. Here are a few of the best purple hair dyes for dark hair without bleach.

Manic Panic

The classic hair dye brand Manic Panic is a popular hair color, incredibly vibrant shades like purple and magenta. If you desire violet hair dye for dark hair or light purple hair dye for dark hair, you have several options, from their dazzling Ultra Violet purple tint to their Perfect Pastel lavender. Purple Haze is another packed stadium.

manic panic purple hair dye for dark hair
Manic Panic Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

The delicate equation of the product is available in a 4 fl oz (fluid ounces) resealable tub and is one of the most affordable and best options in the market for the value you acquire! Every Manic Panic item, if free from animal abuse, is vegan and is devoid of ammonia which is another compliment for the company.

Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Hair Dye In Ultra Violet

If you’re searching for bright color, this salon favorite is an excellent brand to pick from, as noted above. This semi-permanent solution is a blue hue that can effortlessly be blended with their Electric Amethyst tint to generate your bespoke purple tint.

manic panic high voltage classic hair dye in ultra violet
Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Hair Dye In Ultra Violet (Image Source: Pinterest)

Manic Panic color correctors are simple to apply and come in a resealable tub, ensuring that they last a long time. Each one of their hair colors is cruelty-free, vegan, and devoid of harsh chemicals, as mentioned above. The high-quality components assist in both treating and coloring your hair. This brand also delivers a very long-lasting color effect for a semi-permanent dye, lasting up to several weeks. Awesome! This ensures you can preserve your purple color for a long time without having to use a more severe permanent dye on your hair.

Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Dye In Violet

garnier olia permanent hair dye in violet
Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Dye In Violet (Image Source: Pinterest)

This oil-based hair coloring makes your hair look fresh, glossy, and gorgeous. It has a gentle floral aroma and does not include ammonia, so it smells better than many permanent hair dyes. The violet shade is deep and beautiful, and it’s ideal for those who wish purple highlights on black hair without bleach.

Arctic Fox Vegan

Arctic Fox is unrivaled when it refers to Homemade hair dyeing with slightly elevated products. Although their dyes provide brilliant hair color, they may work best on natural blonde, dark blonde, or light brown hair. Furthermore, the plus point is that they are anti-cruelty to animals by never utilizing animal byproducts.

arctic fox vegan purple hair dye for dark hair
Arctic Fox Vegan Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

What’s more, their semi-permanent hair tints come in a variety of colors. They may be used to produce significant hair complementary colors that alter according to your base color. Consider purple and violet, berry and magenta, and the list goes on.

L’Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Gel Hair Dye In Dark Purple

Another excellent color is L’Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Gel Hair Dye in Dark Purple. It’s perfect for adding purple highlights on black hair without bleach. It will give your black hair a lovely dark purple sheen and shine. The liquid solution has an easy-to-apply applicator and is appropriate for all hair types.

l’oréal paris colorista permanent gel hair dye in dark purple
L’Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Gel Hair Dye In Dark Purple (Image Source: Pinterest)

It also involves an in-depth conditioning mask that takes only twenty minutes to apply and adds luster to your locks.

Rebellious Colors

Rebellious Color is a fantastic choice if you ever want to touch up your natural color every so often weeks as it fades. This non-peroxide, semi-permanent hair color-producing conditioner product softly maintains your dark hair. It’s also devoid of ammonia, so you won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals.

rebellious colors
Rebellious Colors (Image Source: Pinterest)

Although their lavender variety is limited, customers adore their other hues, such as blue, cyan, and rose. Rebellious Colors is a must-have for brunettes and black-haired women. These product specifications are a recipe that is simple to apply.

Lime Crime

Lime Crime is an excellent choice if you want to experiment with different neon and pastel colors on your treated hair, blonde hair, or light brown hair. Their Rainbow Hair range of semi-permanent colors is strictly vegetarian, and the lighter your hair is, the longer it lasts.

lime crime
Lime Crime (Image Source: Pinterest)

Lime Crime is concerned with responsible manufacture, therefore they avoid animal suffering by never experimenting on animals and utilizing ammonia-free materials.

L’Oréal Colorista Washout Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Purple is a semi-permanent color that comes in a conditioning hair mask recipe from L’Oreal Paris Colorista Washout. It lasts around 1-2 weeks, which is very usual for semi-permanent hair color.

l’oréal colorista washout purple semi-permanent hair dye
L’Oréal Colorista Washout Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Image Source: Pinterest)

This lovely violet hue is suitable for dark brown or black hair and is perfect if you want a dark purple shade without the responsibility of a permanent dye.

Punky Color

Attempting to avoid gluten and collagen produced from animals? Choose from a variety of Punky Color color combinations.

punky color
Punky Color (Image Source: Pinterest)

Their dark purple dye formula looks best on lighter hair, but it may also be used to add purple highlights on black hair without bleach and brunettes. They also provide additional bright color choices like pink, green, and deep purple, as well as complete packages with equipment such as applicator tools, a tint brush, and mitts.

Following the instructions and our aftercare guidance is the last step once you’ve picked your purple hue based on your hair type. Fortunately, most formulae only take 30 minutes to complete. You’ll need to divide your hair into more pieces if you have thicker or longer hair.

Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary Brunette Hair Color In Violet Purple

This temporary hair cosmetics color was created with black hair in mind. If you’re searching for a washable temporary color for an occasion, this is it.

colorista hair makeup temporary brunette hair color in violet purple
Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary Brunette Hair Color In Violet Purple (Image Source: Pinterest)

You may add purple highlights to your hair with these ‘hair cosmetics.’ It may be blended with other colors from the collection to create your bespoke shade, making it ideal for festival and summer hair designs.


Apart from Manic Panic, got2b is a well-known brand for its shampoos and conditioners. They have, even so, expanded over time. Hair powder, in addition to semi-permanent mixtures, is a fantastic alternative for temporary hair coloring.

Get a chalk block from got2b or a comparable brand that will last a few days. For the day events like a costume convention or a friend’s birthday party, go for dark purple hair, then wash it out and try a new hue the next day. Less dedication equals less muck.

TRUITY Hair Color Wax In Purple

If you only need a temporary hair color that clears up, well here’s an alternative. It blends a purple hue with style because it’s wax.

truity hair color wax in purple
TRUITY Hair Color Wax In Purple (Image Source: Pinterest)

Unlike permanent hair colors, it’s produced with natural materials, is easy to shape, wash out, and produces no harm to the hair. Ideal for one-time occasions such as Halloween, festivals, and roleplay.

So these were some of the best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach, and that concludes our article on purple hair dye for dark hair in which we hope you learned much different and interesting stuff such as the benefits of not bleaching and more. For more content related to makeup, skin care, and more visit again at only BS Makeup Kits we hope to see you soon!

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