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60+ Simple and Fun Makeup Looks for the Christmas Party

Are you looking for simple Christmas makeup looks and trends for the next holiday season in 2021? Our easy simple Christmas makeup looks include everything from classic Christmas looks to the newest festive eye trends and Christmas makeup looks simple.

Of course, you must keep in mind that your makeup is equally as essential as your outfit, gifts, and the Christmas feast on the big day itself, so get it right the first time. With these simple Christmas, makeup looks to replicate this season, we’ve brought you many inspirational Christmas makeup looks simple!

Simple Christmas Makeup looks
Simple Christmas Makeup looks (Image Source: Pinterest

If you’re a bit like me and want to go all out around the holidays, decorating the house and tree, then the dining table certainly brightens the mood. But it’s getting our wardrobe ready, from the shoes to the dress to the hair and the simple Christmas makeup looks, that we’re most looking forward to!

Fun Christmas Makeup Ideas
Fun Christmas Makeup Ideas (Image Source: Pinterest)

Take the chair, grab your kit, settle comfortably in front of the mirror, and get ready. It’s time for you to start tinkering and playing with your cosmetics to get the easy, simple Christmas makeup looks.

Simple Christmas Makeup Looks

For any eye looks, bear in mind to make sure to apply a primer to keep your eyeshadow in place when creating any makeup for a Christmas party. Also, because glitter can be messy, use a translucent powder to wipe away any excess glitter. 

Vivid Red Lips
Vivid Red Lips (Image Source: Pinterest)

Finally, apply your vivid red lipstick as a finishing touch to complete the simple Christmas makeup looks. Before applying Vaseline, rub away any dead skin on your lips with an old brush and seal with Vaseline.

Following are the simple cute easy makeup looks:

Bold Red Lips + Gold Glittery Eyes

Christmas Makeup Looks Simple
Christmas Makeup Looks Simple (Image Source: Pinterest)

When it comes to this season, nothing beats red lips and gold glitter eyes for a simple Christmas makeup look, the classic of the two of the most popular colors associated with the holiday season. To accomplish this stunning eye makeup look or simple Christmas makeup look, you’ll want to begin with a primer, which will ensure that your eye makeup doesn’t smudge.

Glitter has a terrible habit of spilling all over the place, so keep a piece of tissue under your eye to wipe up any spillage for the simple Christmas makeup look. You may also attempt laying down transparent powder and then blowing away the excess glitter once you’re through. For the lipstick, please choose your favorite shade personally. I prefer rose bold red to finish off the look.

Gold Glittery Eyes Christmas makeup looks
Gold Glittery Eyes Christmas makeup looks (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video shows the look detailed:

Holiday Barbie Glam

Holiday Barbie Glam Christmas makeup look
Holiday Barbie Glam Christmas makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Sometimes it’s ok to get your inner child to control the season’s look as a Christmas barbie. Of course, Barbie is every girl’s play doll, but this season let’s give ourselves a look at a barbie from her beautifully lined lids to her bubblegum pink lips. We’ve got it all.

Christmas Barbie
Christmas Barbie (Image Source: Pinterest)

The foremost step is to transform your skin into a more plastic feel by using a primer, foundation, and much more techniques. Then give the beautiful lingered eyes and then the bubblegum lips as well as the sweet bush. It doesn’t seem very easy, but it is a simple Xmas makeup look. Be sure to add the barbie blue contacts to look and enhance. 

Barbie Christmas makeup look
Barbie Christmas makeup look (Image Source: Google)

The following video shows the fun Christmas makeup idea detailed:

Elf Looks

Elf Christmas makeup look
Elf Christmas makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The elf is another classic for the holidays, especially for workshop lovers. This look enhances the genuine and goofy you while, on the other hand, it gives a beautiful and graceful fun Christmas makeup idea.

Xmas Elf
Xmas Elf (Image Source: Pinterest)

It gives a bold but beautiful look from the eye, whereas the lips are a simple but attractive nude of color.

Christmas Elf makeup look
Christmas Elf makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video shows the look detailed:

Mistletoe and Makeup

Mistletoe Christmas Makeup look
Mistletoe Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Mistletoe as a sign of love is an astonishing idea for the perfect and cute easy Christmas makeup look as it is easy but seems effort worth and hard to do.

Mistletoe Eyes
Mistletoe Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

But the way we’ve searched for you is simple, easy, and quick to do if in a hurry or if you want a last-minute simple Christmas makeup look that is time-saving, adorable, and appropriate for the holiday. 

Mistletoe Makeup look
Mistletoe Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video shows the look detailed:

Rudolph the Reindeer

Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Makeup look
Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

I’m sure many Rudolph lovers, including me, will admire this simple Christmas makeup look and say “wow” as it is a wowing full-face Christmas makeup look. This elegant, pure and gorgeous full-face Christmas makeup look is one of the best cute easy Christmas looks.

Rudolph Look
Rudolph Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you are creative and love playing with your makeup all the time, adding the Rudolph to your favorite simple Christmas makeup look will add the Rudolph look to your most favorite makeup looks.

This simple Christmas makeup look gives us the traditional red nose as expected, and the eye look is also very charming to finish the look. The antlers fit very well, which makes it the cute easy makeup look in the article.

Rudolph Look
Rudolph Simple Christmas Makeup Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video shows the simple Christmas makeup look detailed:

Nude Lips and Gold Eyes

Nude Lips and Gold Eyes Christmas Makeup look
Nude Lips and Gold Eyes Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

To achieve the desired bare lips simple Christmas makeup look, first ensure that your lips are in good condition. Try a lip exfoliator first, brush away dead skin cells with a gentle toothbrush, or try a DIY sugar scrub. Then, while you’re doing the rest of your simple Christmas makeup look, apply your balm and let it soak in, and then, in the end, use a lip liner to gently “overline” them — this is what gives them that fuller appearance.

Next, dab a touch of highlighter to the center of your bottom lip to make it light-reflective and appear wider after you’ve applied your nude lip shade and then the gloss (if you want it) over the top for your simple Christmas makeup look.

Gold Eyes Christmas Makeup look
Gold Eyes Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest

The following video shows the simple Christmas makeup look detailed:

Rose Red Smokey Eyes & Cherry Lips

Rose Red Smokey Eyes & Cherry Lips Christmas Makeup look
Rose Red Smokey Eyes & Cherry Lips Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

This look compliments the holiday festival well. The rose-red smokey eyes give a stunning bold simple Christmas makeup look, whereas the cherry lips provide an aggressive look a little calm to it.

Red Cherry Christmas Look
Red Cherry Christmas Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The entire simple Christmas makeup look deserves a five out of five for the beautiful combination of the different shades of red. The fantastic look does not overextend the red but gives the color comfort to its surroundings, giving it amazingly.

Red Smokey Eyes & Cherry Lips Christmas Makeup look
Red Smokey Eyes & Cherry Lips Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Google)

Basic Smokey Eyes

Basic Smokey Eyes Christmas Makeup look
Basic Smokey Eyes Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Our other simple, easy Christmas makeup style is a bare smokey eye, compulsory for the holiday season. Black smokey eye simple Christmas makeup look is a hallmark look to have in your cosmetic arsenal, especially all through the holiday season when your calendar is crowded with parties. With a gold accent festive, this flame up has all of the classics smolder.

In addition, the increase of the standard Christmasblack smokey eye gives this party makeup look a more warm feel. Throughout the holiday season, it’s the go-to makeup look for a sudden cocktail dress or a festive party outfit.

Smokey Eyes Christmas Makeup look
Smokey Eyes Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video shows the look detailed:

Matte Plum Lips

Dark lip tints are lovely for both day and night looks, but for an evening appearance, go for darker shades. If you want to wear full matte plum lips during the day, go for a nude makeup look to go with it.

Matte plum lips
Matte plum lips (Image Source: Pinterest)

Pick a good burgundy with a trace of pink for a lighter look or a burgundy with a brownish hint for a darker effect.

Glitter Cut Crease

This year, cut creases are on-trend, and they don’t appear to be going out of style and trend anytime soon. While it may be challenging to master at first, with enough practice, you will not surely be able to master it.

Cut creases
Cut creases (Image Source: Pinterest)

To get this correct, concentrate on getting the cut crease first and then tidying out the remaining. It’s also a great thought to choose a fun Christmas makeup idea that complements your Christmas dressing while planning your Christmas Day attire. You could try any of these cosmetic looks to make your choice easier.

Ombre Lips 

ombre lips christmas makeup look
Ombre Lips Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Want to try a more trendy party with a cute easy Christmas makeup look for your lips this season? Try out ombre lips! Ombre lips are a terrific alternative for women who wish to create the illusion of bigger lips all year, thanks to the color gradient. Experiment with browns and golds, as well as rich red tones to add a festive touch to your Christmas party makeup.

Ombre Lips
Ombre Lips (Image Source: Google)

The following video shows the look detailed:

Shimmery Green

Shimmery Green Christmas Makeup look
Shimmery Green Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The shimmery green gives a reminder of the Christmas tree, which makes it perfect for Christmas. The look is unique and has a very subtle touch to it. It’s not over the top, nor is it too basic. It’s that decent, simple, but outstanding look you’re looking for; the green shadow sets so beautifully in the holidays and is a classic.

Shimmer Green
Shimmer Green (Image Source: Pinterest)

The metallic shimmery red paint is lovingly brushed on the lips, which finishes the look with a scream making it a simple Christmas makeup look.

Shimmery Green eyes Christmas Makeup look
Shimmery Green eyes Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Google)

The following video shows the look detailed:

Glitter Cat-Eyes

Glitter Cat-Eye Christmas Makeup look
Glitter Cat-Eye Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The simple method is to make your eyes glitter! First, use a black or dark-colored liner to create a regular cat eye, then add glitter to the wing. We prefer to use a glitter liner to add just the right amount of glitter to the cat-eye.

Glittery Cat-Eye Christmas Makeup Looks Simple
Glittery Cat-Eye Christmas Makeup Looks Simple (Image Source: Pinterest

The following video shows the look detailed:

Bold Glitter Lips

Because red is unquestionably the Christmas color, why not adorn your lips with a bright, eye-catching red glitter? When combined with a neatly cut crease created with the eye shadow palette, you’ll have a glam look that’s not too overpowering on the eyes. This look is ideal for folks who are self-conscious about their eyes but confident in their lips.

Bold Glitter Lips Christmas Makeup look
Bold Glitter Lips Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Don’t be scared to experiment with bold, glittery lips! The key is to keep your eye makeup light and airy so that your lips may shine without being overshadowed. Glitter lipsticks, such as Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick, are popular because they are highly pigmented, and the glitter particles in the recipe make your lips shimmer. You can wear it alone or over your favorite lipstick for a more powerful effect. It’s not a detailed look. Instead, it’s a simple Christmas makeup look.

Glitter Lips Christmas Makeup look
Glitter Lips Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video shows the look detailed:

Natural Xmas Makeup

Are you looking for a quick eyeshadow look? This time of year, it’s all about the quick 20-minute makeup! This tutorial will show you how to create a cosmetic look that makes you look put together while using only a few things.

Natural Christmas Makeup
Natural Christmas Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

I drove cross-country (total time: 31.65 hours) and then went out to lunch with my family after I arrived. I received many compliments on my makeup during the holiday season, which was just simple “natural-looking” makeup—for example, no contouring, only a hint of blush and highlight, and so on. But, everyone, simple is still lovely! This takes 20 minutes, but this is for people who have been applying cosmetics professionally for years, so it’s magnificent if it takes you a little longer!

Basic Christmas look
Basic Christmas look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The focus of this style is on minimalism.  You need to use three crease colors and one lid color in total.  Usually, use at least six!  Use Soft Brown as my transition hue, then blend Saddle and Brown Script in the border for a blown-out effect. Then paint the lid then painted with Slow Fast Slow, a lovely rosy brown with copper and pink sparkles. Then smoke out the lower lash line with Saddle and Brown Script, and that was it for the eyes!

Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

The top and bottom lashes were given an application of Zoom Fast Black mascara. This appearance does not require the use of false eyelashes.

Use Face and Body, a low coverage foundation that gives you an excellent misty look if you want it very inadequate. But, of course, you all know that the more moisture you can get in this dry weather, the better!

Light coverage foundation
Light coverage foundation (Image Source: Pinterest)

For those who have pretty dry skin, you may like to use hydrating concealers. Set your under-eye area with Hydrating SkinFinish in Medium Plus, then use Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium to put the rest of your face. Mineralized powders are preferred because they have light-reflecting characteristics and are less drying than matte powders such as Studio Fix.

Setting Powder
Setting Powder (Image Source: Pinterest)

Contouring isn’t necessary with this look. It’s far too rough for the natural vibe we’re looking for. So instead, use the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer to bronze on your face for a bit of warmth lightly, and that was all!

Natural Blush
Natural Blush (Image Source: Pinterest)

To give your cheeks a light touch of color, you use the blush in the shade Cantaloupe and blend it out exceptionally carefully. Shining Blush, a highlighter from MAC’s Extra Dimension collection, is used to achieve this look. Finally, use a Japanese Maple and a smidgeon of Soar Lip Liner to create this look. This look can be achieved with any light hue or nude! To increase the glam element, another option is to use light pink or even crimson lipstick.

Apply lip products
Apply lip products (Image Source: Pinterest)

I have never used a makeup setter since my skin is as dry as the Sahara! Fix Plus, which is more of a binding than a setting spray, is what I use instead. It essentially binds all of your powders together, giving your makeup a more skin-like finish rather than a powdered one, as well as providing additional hydration. The Urban Decay Chill Makeup setting spray is a good choice if you want to keep your makeup in place all day and night.

Christmas Colors

Christmas Colors Christmas Makeup look
Christmas Colors Christmas Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Nothing says Christmas quite like red, green, and gold, so why not use them to create some genuinely festive eye shadow? We love how this look includes all of the hues without being overly dramatic or overdone. This look encourages us to play around with color more, get creative, and give a simple, easy Christmas look. The colors provide a massive scream for the face and emphasize the variety of color options to choose from.

Christmas Colors Makeup look
Christmas Colors Makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video shows the look detailed:

Rose gold glitter eyes

This festival season, a pink glitter eye shadow picture is perfect on our makeup radar. This rose gold eye makeup embraces the appeal of pink glitter and sparkling metallic for a glossy and sophisticated beauty look. Consider it a gilding treatment for your eyes to achieve a dazzling Christmas glitter makeup effect. Try rose gold glittery eye makeup if you’re seeking the perfect party eye makeup concept.

Makeup for Christmas party
Makeup for Christmas party (Image Source: Pinterest)

Then again, this is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year in terms of appearance.

We recruited the expertise of Bryony, one of our makeup artists, for some creativity. Here’s how to put up the ideal glittering eye makeup for Christmas party or any occasion.

1. Begin by using an eyeshadow primer all over your lid. Then, in the crease of your eye, blend a transition eyeshadow (or bronzer) in. Take your time and gradually increase the color’s intensity until you’re satisfied.

2. Apply the same color under your eye and mix it in.

Applying (Image Source: Pinterest)

3. Apply brown eyeshadow to the outer edge of your eyes and mix it in gently. Use gently and gradually combine.

4. Apply a clean line of black along your top lash line with an eyeliner brush, flicking it out at the edge.

Applying eyeliner
Applying eyeliner (Image Source: Pinterest)

5. Blend a rose gold color outwards from the inner corner of your eye.

6. Over the top, apply a rose gold glitter shadow.

Rose Glitter eyeshadow
Rose Glitter eyeshadow (Image Source: Pinterest)

7. Apply gold glitter to the tear duct and bring it down to the lower lash line.

8. Finish the appearance with a pair of natural false lashes!

The following video will help in recreating the cute easy Christmas makeup look.

Dramatic Smokey Eyes

The smokey eye is a popular look throughout the holiday season since it matches with almost every party dress you can think of. However, the one thing we don’t like is having to remove our smokey eye makeup the following day… because you can bet we won’t remember to do it before bed!  

Makeups for Christmas party
Makeups for Christmas party (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you’re having trouble removing old makeup, here’s a terrific trick that’s also beneficial for your skin! When applied to your face with a cotton wool ball or pad, coconut oil not only removes makeup but also nourishes and hydrates it!

The following video will help in the Makeup for Christmas party look.

Red and Gold Sparkly Christmas Baubles

With the glitter and effects in the brow and lower lashes “dripping” crimson and gold, this red and gold look is definitely for a woman who wants to be the focus of attention.

Bauble Eyes
Bauble Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

This simple Christmas makeup look is the perfect makeup for a Christmas party to dazzle with.

Pink Glittery Christmas Tree

This is a very feminine and gentle Christmas appearance and an acute, easy Christmas makeup look. Light pink isn’t often associated with Christmas. Still, when paired with a softly illuminated Christmas tree in the corner of your eye, no one will confuse the pink look for anything other than holiday makeup.

Feminine and Gentle Christmas Appearance
Feminine and Gentle Christmas Appearance (Image Source: Pinterest)

Cute Snowman

This looks like a scene from Frosty the Snowman. Using a popular Christmas cartoon and displaying it on your eyelid is such a cute Christmas makeup concept. However, the purple and pink accents give this kid-friendly setting a more mature feel.

Cute Snowman
Cute Snowman (Image Source: Pinterest)

Christmas Strings Light

If you want to make a big, bold debut, this cosmetics look is for you. But, are you looking for a strategy to ensure that everyone’s gaze is drawn to you (and it’d be difficult not to)? The answer would be the Christmas string’s light full-face Christmas makeup. You may be sure that this makeup will make you ‘lighted’ everywhere you go if you use different colored eye shadows and liquid liners.

Full face Christmas makeup look
Full face Christmas makeup look (Image Source: Pinterest)

This is the best makeup for a full face Christmas makeup look. The following video will help with the fun Christmas makeup idea.

Classic holiday makeup

The next item on the list is probably what you’re searching for if you’re not seeking anything too extravagant or ‘outstanding.’ The typical holiday makeup is just loads of glitter, pointed wing-shaped eyeliner, and bright red lips, just like the spectacular makeup.

Classic Christmas Look
Classic Christmas Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video will help in the full face Christmas makeup idea.

The X-mas Look

It’s the festive period, and we’re sure you’re looking forward to Christmas. It is among the most well-known festivals, and it is observed all around the world. It is the day when God’s Son, Jesus Christ, was born. People mark the occasion by attending church service, decorating their homes, erecting a Christmas tree, preparing delectable delicacies, and exchanging gifts. It’s that time of year again when family reunions and parties are planned. Many companies host Christmas festivities, and you’ll want to dress festively for these occasions. So, if you’re not sure how to do simple easy Christmas makeup, here’s an introductory lesson to help you obtain the look.

The X-mas Look
The X-mas Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

Begin by moisturizing your lips to make them soft and silky. Then use a primer to create a glowy foundation for your makeup. Next, apply the foundation for complete coverage. This will result in a more even skin color. Finally, use the foundation with a brush.

Applying Foundation
Applying Foundation (Image Source: Pinterest)

Conceal dark bags beneath your eyes and imperfections using concealer. For a flawless finish, blend it thoroughly. Apply a brown contour shade to the husks of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the jawline, and the area near your hairline on your forehead. Blend everything thoroughly.

Concealer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Blend the blush into the apple of your cheeks. Use a highlighter to draw attention to the high areas of your cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose. This will give your skin a lovely radiance. Set your makeup with a translucent powder. This will extend the life of your cosmetics.

Put on Blush
Put on Blush (Image Source: Pinterest)

Fill in your brows with brow powder. While doing this, use light strokes and very little product.

Using a brush, apply gold eyeshadow to your upper eyelids. The shade should be applied to the inner edge of your eyes. To define your eyes, apply a darker color to the crease of your eyes. Blend the eye shadows.

Putting on Eyeshadow
Putting on Eyeshadow (Image Source: Pinterest)

Line your top waterline with an eyeliner pencil. You can build little wings on the outside corner by extending them. Then, make your lashes look thicker and longer by applying mascara on them.

Red lips
Red lips (Image Source: Pinterest)

Apply a robust red lipstick to a red lip pencil and fill it in. Here’s a link to the makeup tutorial video.

So, this Christmas, go ahead and flaunt this simple, easy Christmas style. These were the top looks and trendy makeup looks for the holidays this year, a combination of simple, bold, glam, decent, party, cocktails, shimmery, fun, cute, matte, neutral, and much more. We selected these looks to make your work easier on the choice for the makeup. The eyes above are properly mentioned and straightforward to tell you the best for this year, 2021.

Simple Easy Christmas Makeup looks
Simple Easy Christmas Makeup looks (Image Source: Pinterest)

Fortunately, due to the end of the pandemic and the time-consuming quarantine, the parties and the family dinners will be organized once again, bringing back the Christmas spirit. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m very much excited for this year’s Christmas gatherings, parties, feasts, games, and simple easy Christmas makeup. For all these events, you’ll probably require a lot of unique, glamorous, fun Christmas makeup ideas for you to stand out in the crowd and to put the people’s eyes on you and go WOW!

Simple Christmas Makeup looks and Ideas
Simple Christmas Makeup looks and Ideas (Image Source: Pinterest)

We hope that the article helped you in your easy Christmas makeup looks this year to make some of the best looks of the year 2021. We wish you all a very merry happy Christmas and many, many warm wishes from our side. Consider visiting our website, BS Makeup Kits, again for the latest unique, decent, and simple seasonal and casual makeup looks and updates. We hope to see you soon.