simple makeup for high school

High School Makeup Looks and Steps to Apply Simple Makeup

Makeup is allowed in high school, but it is not commonly used. More individuals openly use makeup as they go through the grades, but for the most part, it’s simply the basics: mascara, concealer, and lip gloss are all needed.

Purchase suitable cosmetics for your face. Eyeshadow is also a fantastic addition, but it is one of those processes that can be skipped. A bronzer, blush, foundation, and lipstick are all optional additions. In this tutorial, you will learn simple makeup for high school and makeup tips.

simple makeup for high schools
Simple Makeup for High Schools (Image Source: Pinterest)

4 Best High School Makeup Looks

There are 4 best high school makeup tutorials are given below:

Easy Makeup for High School

easy makeup for high school
Easy Makeup for High School (Image Source: Pinterest)

Clean your face

This should be done with a cleanser until your face is completely clean, and then you should dry your skin. Apply moisturizer and toner. Create a skin-care routine that is suited to your skin type and maintain it. Use all of the products if necessary, including exfoliators, moisturizers, cleansers, toners, etc. In this post, simple makeup for high school, this step is important in every makeup tutorial.

Even out your skin

What you need is dependent entirely on the tone of your skin. If you have “bad” skin, a good foundation is perfectly acceptable if you blend it well and remove it every night.

Concealer should only be used sparingly for small dark spots because it has the potential to appear cakey. If your skin is in good condition, go for a tinted moisturizer or a BB Cream, which will give you a fresh shine. Set it with a translucent or setting powder to finish it off.

Use Eye Primer

Before applying eyeshadow, make sure your eyes are well-primed. This allows your eyeshadow to last for a longer time. If you don’t have an eye primer, the look of foundation, cream bases, or concealer will do in the absence of primer. Use a fluffy brush to blend the concealer into the skin.

Apply Eyeshadow

Apply a natural-looking (or shimmery, if desired) eyeshadow to your upper and lower eyelids. You can use a soft grey as a replacement if you so desire. If you want more definition, use a deeper shade in the crease and outer corners of your eyes and a lighter shade to highlight your brow bone.

Make a line along your lower lash line and waterline. If applied correctly, it will provide an excellent subtle definition! Colors like purple, blue, and green under the eye will look beautiful on brown eyes, but if you have black, charcoal, or brown eyes, feel free to stay with those colors as well. If your eyes are small, drawing a white or peach line down your waterline can help open them up further.

Apply Eyeliner

If you want your top lashes to seem thicker and darker, blend some eyeliner into it – liquid, pencil, or gel, the choice is entirely yours! For a more dramatic and fashionable look, you can also wing out your liner if it is suitable for you.

Apply Mascara

Lightly curl your eyelashes to make them easier to apply mascara on. You can skip this step if your hair is naturally curly. Make use of one or two coats of mascara in a color that matches your hair.

Apply Face Makeup

Using blush on the cheeks will give them a color. It is entirely up to you whether to go for the blush or not. Cream blushes are a good option if you want to go for a more natural look since their finish is very natural and dewy. Powder blushes, on the other hand, are ideal if your skin is becoming too oily. Depending on your natural blush, choose a rose, peachy, or berry-colored for simple makeup for high school.

Set Your Makeup

Setting powder helps to keep your makeup in place. This will increase the lifespan of the makeup. Keeping control of your makeup can help it stay longer and keep it from disappearing throughout the day.

Apply Lip Color

If desired, add a touch of color to your lips. Make certain that it isn’t too bold! The best method to get this look is with a natural flush or naturally nude-out lips. Before you apply lipstick, apply a balm to your lips. Alternatively, the gloss may be used. This look is perfect for simple makeup for high school freshmen.

Natural Makeup for High school

natural makeup for high school
Natural Makeup for High School (Image Source: Pinterest)

This makeup look for school-going girls is all about choosing neutral colors that will match their skin tone is an attractive option.

Apply Eyeshadow

Apply an eyeshadow foundation that is a shade darker than your skin tone to each eyelid and blend it in properly. Apply a deeper contour shade to crease as a contrast to your skin tone to give it a more defined look.

Apply Eyeliner And Mascara

Black pencil eyeliner is applied just above your upper eyelashes and gently extended outward at the outer corner of the eye. After that, apply a coat of black, volumizing mascara to draw attention to your eyes.

Define Your Eyebrows

Fill in your brows with an eyeshadow powder or brow pencil that is a shade darker than your natural color to give them a defined look.

Apply Bronzer

When contouring your face, apply bronzer diagonally under each cheekbone over your BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Apply Lipstick

Nude lipstick is the perfect way to finish your minimalistic look. This makeup look is best for this post, Simple Makeup for High School.

Glossy and Glamorous Look For School

glossy and glamorous look for school
Glossy and Glamorous Look For School (Image Source: Pinterest)

This makeup look is perfect for the summer or when you’re attending a big event at school. It’s sure to turn your attention as you walk through the corridors.

Apply Foundation And Highlighter

Apply your foundation and then use a highlighter diagonally over your cheekbones, down the middle of your nose, on your cupid’s bow, on brow bone, in the center of your chin, and in the center of your forehead to give your appearance a bit of a sheen and shine.

Apply Eyeshadow

Utilize a peach eyeshadow base on the eyelid. Then, create a smoky look by applying a dark grey or charcoal eyeshadow just over your upper lashes and just below your lower lashes for more definition. Don’t forget to use black volumizing mascara to bring out the drama the most.

Set Your Eyebrows

Make your eyebrows more defined using an eyebrow gel or pomade for a more defined and controlled appearance. 

Apply Lip Gloss

Lipgloss is a great option for simple makeup for high school. A few coats of clear lip gloss will finish off your glamorous look.

Colorful Splash

colorful splash
Colorful Splash (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you want to make an impression at school for a special occasion or just add some color to your outfit, choose this lovely, eye-catching option.

Apply BB Cream And Blush

For simple makeup for high school, use a BB cream or tinted moisturizer to get a natural and light coverage. To create a rosy glow, apply a peachy-pink blush to the apples of the cheeks with your fingers.

Apply Eyeshadow

Apply an eyeshadow similar to your natural complexion on your eyelids and then contour with a deeper neutral shade. To get a more dramatic effect, apply this contour shade diagonally toward the brow bone.

Define Your Brows

Slick your brows down with an eyebrow gel that compliments your natural brow color to draw attention away from your brows and onto your eyeshadow.

Apply Lipstick

Color your lips with a vibrant lipstick color such as fuchsia, orange, or purple to inject a much-needed splash of color into your look and radiate colorful cool.

Makeup tips for High school

  • For a stunning back-to-school appearance, apply a smokey eye. Simply brush black and grey eyeshadow on your lids, rim your eyes with thick kohl, and smudge.
  • Apply black eyeliner on the tops of your eyelids to draw attention to your eyes, but don’t use too much. If you want your lashes to seem longer, just put mascara on your upper lashes.
  • Colorful eyeliner is a vibrant shade, such as blue or purple, that can draw attention to your eyes. Keep the rest of your makeup simple so that your eyes are the main point of attention. Go for a modest, plain dress to contrast with the vibrant outfit.
  • If you are wearing a lot of eye makeup, match it with nude lip color to balance it out. First, use a brush to massage your lips, and then apply a thick coating of lip balm before applying your lipstick. After that, gently shape your brows.
  • If you want to be attention, use candy-colored pink lipstick. In addition to enhancing your face, it will make a subtle statement. Wear sunblock under your makeup and a little bronzer for a natural look.
  • The summer is ended, but coral-shaded lipstick can still give you a beach-inspired appearance at school. The shade will provide a fashionable twist to your autumn wardrobe. A little cat-eye can be added to complete the appearance.
  • Red lipstick on your lips might help you project confidence. Choose a lip color that compliments your skin tone and keep the rest of your outfit simple to prevent taking attention away from the color of your lips.
  • For simple makeup for high school, clear lip gloss can be applied over your lipstick to enhance the color, or it can be used alone to highlight your natural color. You will go for a shiny gloss or a lighter, shimmery shade for a more subtle effect instead of the gloss.
  • Wash and moisturize your face before applying a touch of blush if you want to get a young, natural back-to-school appearance. Combine this look with a casual, laid-back outfit to complete the look.