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Dark Siren Makeup Tutorial

I was browsing to find makeup looks and tutorials as usual when I came across siren makeup and dark siren makeup. I was mesmerized by the idea of not only siren makeup but dark siren makeup. Mermaids are one of the most fantastic legendary creatures known to humankind.

The mythical divas, mermaids, and unicorns are in charge of the entire performance for the myth world. I’ve always wanted to attempt a teal and purple mermaid hair color combination, but who knows how it would look on me also because I am not a risk-taker.

dark siren makeup
Dark Siren Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

So I decided on mermaid SFX makeup instead. When looking for instructions, though, I found myself drifting away from mermaids and towards the deep dark bowels of the ocean, where all the sirens and sea monsters reside. I had a great thought why not attempt SFX dark evil siren mermaid makeup look! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 

So enough with the chit chat let us get prepped and started with our dark mermaid siren makeup tutorial.

Dark Mermaid Siren Makeup Tutorial

evil dark skin makeup tutorial
Evil Dark Skin Makeup Tutorial (Image Source: Pinterest)

Step 1: The Base

To start our siren mermaid makeup tutorial, I used a glue stick to block out my brows and then applied a couple of layers to both brows, going against and then with the grain. I combed them flat, waited for them to dry, and then re-coated them. I applied a little talcum powder to them, let them dry for a few minutes, and then used concealer to cover the black hair below.

To provide me with a  paler complexion for the dark mermaid makeup, I applied some of my daily use foundation over my face and then went over it with a little amount of light or perhaps white face paint with a sponge or beauty blender to even it out.

I wasn’t aiming to get a pale complexion of my skin, but I was aiming to brighten it up instead. I attempted to blend the white into the skin tone of my foundation as much as possible to get my base correct for this siren makeup tutorial to go well.

Step 2: The SFX Part

We’ve arrived at the exciting part of the evil mermaid makeup or mermaid SFX makeup, the SFX part, aka the fun part. I snipped the knee cap off some fishnet stockings I had lying around but hadn’t worn in a long time. I tried to position that thick line over symmetrical portions of my face because these specific stockings were crisscrossed at awkward intervals with a thicker line.

I began putting scales on my face with a makeup sponge and various face paint colors to kick off my dark mermaid makeup look. I used a darker purple to fill in the hollows of my cheekbones, my hairline, and the middle of my head. I applied a little yellow and white on the portions above and below my eyes that needed some highlight and added a dab of blue to the margins of these places.

Step 3: Contour and Eyeshadow

I employed a deeper blue paint to heavily contour my nose and brows to enhance the evilness of this evil mermaid makeup look. I started with a dark smokey eye with a smidgeon of eyeshadow, then moved to black and purple face paints. Surprisingly, I prefer face paints to eyeshadow, owing to the difficulty of mixing eyeshadow.

Step 4: Teeth

The final stage was to deal with the black lips and sharp fangs for the evil dark mermaid makeup. Every time I’ve attempted to draw teeth, I’ve failed miserably. Drawing teeth is at the top of my list of things to practice and improve. I proceeded with using black paint to outline the whole mouth region, then added white streaks for the fangs.

I used black to outline the teeth and additional black to fill in the rest of the blank space. To get the teeth curved outright, I went back and forth between black and white a lot, and I still think they could use more improvement. 

Step 5: Mouth

I added a bit extra of the black paint to the teeth to give them a somewhat shadowy aspect, then began blending the black of the mouth onto my face. Any effort I made at lips or mouth form was finally wiped away by a giant black hole in my face. Better definition with lips and characteristics, or at the very least more mixing of the black into the front, would have improved the mouth.

Step 6: The final touches

I rounded up my dark siren makeup look with some blue jewels eyelashes applied on my brow creases and head. I deviated from the instruction I was following, and I subsequently wanted to use the “undo” button in a number of locations, as I regularly do.

While I’m always looking for ways to enhance the face makeup I’ve done, I’m also constantly learning new methods and recognizing things I’m not doing right so I can maybe benefit from improving.

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