How to do masculine contour

Steps To Do Male Makeup Contouring

By using makeup, masculine features can be enhanced through masculine contouring. You may be investigating new gender identification or in the process of transitioning. Whatever your motives, there are various ways makeup may be utilized to improve masculinity.

Masculine Contouring Of Face

The facial characteristics of men are often more angular. A darker highlighter or foundation can appear shadows under your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Apply the makeup with a small contouring brush.

  • To begin with, focus on your cheeks. To achieve a dark line down the center of your cheekbones, strain your cheeks together and draw a dark line. Another line should be drawn along the chin and lower jawline. This will give you a more masculine-looking face.
  • Draw an l-shape on each of your temples. Afterward, draw a triangle on each side of your forehead. The triangle should be drawn slightly over the arch of each brow.
  • Blend the contour colors all over your face with a fine powder. Use a gentle hand. Makeup shouldn’t be noticeable unless you want it to be. The best way to mix is using a broad brush with circular strokes.
  • Don’t make the masculine contours harsher by aiming for more defined lines.

Masculine Contouring Of Nose

The noses of men are often larger and more pronounced. Make your nose stand out by shading around it with a darker foundation or highlighter. Apply the product with a big brush.

  • The nose should be shaded on both sides. As a result, the neighborhood will become even more gloomy. Men commonly do not use foundation; thus, darker regions of their face appear. Shade the top of your nose and the sides of your nostrils.
  • Shade your brow bone where it joins your nose. Under the brow, a shadow is created as a result of this. This is particularly relevant for guys whose brows tend to be more arched up front.

Masculine Contouring Of Eyes

Men’s eyes tend to be smaller than those of women. Because of this, you want to use makeup to make your eyes appear smaller. To do so, use a lighter concealer under your eyes.

  • Apply the concealer with your fingers directly under your eyes. Put some on your lower eyelid in an arch.
  • Work the concealer into your skin until you achieve a natural-looking mix. As a result, your eyes will appear smaller.

Tips To Look More Masculine

You can acquire a more manly appearance via cosmetics if you follow these suggestions and pick the proper concealer and contour your face. 

Get a Masculine Haircut or Cap

It wouldn’t make sense to contour all the male features of your face and then get a girly hairstyle. The truth is that you’ll be even more lost and out of touch due to this. If you want to complete your macho style momentarily, get a new haircut or wear a cap.

It is possible to achieve a masculine and handsome look with slicked back, undercut, classic taper, and buzz-cut haircuts.

Wear Masculine Befitting Clothes

To complete your transformation into a man, you should wear clothes that reflect your new identity as a man. Many choices are now available due to the ever-changing fashion business and modernization.

You can wear anything from baggy jeans, loose-fitting shirts, oversized layers, or canvas sneakers, depending on your preference. Wearing dark colors like black and blue will give you a more macho appearance no matter what you choose to wear.

Put On Confidence

As a man, you’re meant to be fearless and a risk-taker. Boosting one’s self-esteem and self-confidence are two of the most common motivations for wearing makeup. Putting on confidence and walking majestically like the man you’ve become are two of the many benefits of completing your masculine image with makeup.

Male Deodorant

Deodorants have been shown to boost men’s self-esteem. Applying a men’s deodorant to your body after your masculine makeup will help you feel more confident and keep you smelling great throughout the day. 

Act Like A Man

You’ll have to act like a woman when you put on male makeup. Talk and walk like a real man; do your chores like a real man to look more manly in makeup.

I hope you loved this article on how to do masculine contour and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read about the best twist and lock gel.