Strighting hair with perm solution

How Can You Straighten Hair With Perm Solution? | Step-By-Step Guide

Once a perm solution has been applied to hair, it retrains the hair to maintain its original shape and style. As a result, once the perm solution has saturated the hair strands, it is possible to curl or straighten them. Straightening hair with perm solution can work for some women. A professional opinion is still recommended for people who have had a bad experience with a previous perm.

Two or three days after your last shampoo, straighten your hair with perm solution. Your hair’s natural oils act as a shield to keep the strands safe from breakage and over-stripping. Follow the steps outlined in the test method, which you may find in the instructions. After the trial period, ensure you have everything you need before you begin.

Steps to Straighten Hair With Perm Solution

To begin, use a tangle-removing comb to detangle your hair thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly down your hairline and on your neck and face to prepare. The perm solution won’t burn your skin if you do this. Put on your cape and gloves for extra protection.

Make a horizontal section just above your ears around the head. Gather the top of your hair and pin it up and out with hair clips.

Spray a small amount of water to the ends of the lower hair, concentrating more on the ends than the roots. The perm solution is more likely to cause breakage at the ends of your hair since they are more porous. However, no part of the hair may have more than a few drops of water damp.

Take care not to tug your hair while working with the perm solution. Using your fingers and a wide-tooth comb, work the solution into the hair from the roots to the ends, keeping the strands straight. To get the best results, work in parts around your head until the lower part of your hair is completely covered in perm solution.

The flat clips can be used to hold strands straight and apply modest downward pressure to the ends of the hair that has been saturated. Before fastening the clips, fold the supplied perm sheets around the ends of the hair to ensure a perfect finish.

After you’ve saturated and clipped the lower section of your hair, do the same thing with the upper part. Use caution when combing through the upper layer to avoid disturbing the lower layer. Apply a generous amount of product, comb the sections, and then clip.

Make sure to follow the instructions that come with the perm kit and process your hair in the recommended time. Examine the shape of the hair after removing a clip from the lower layer to see how far along you are. Move ahead to the neutralizing stage if it’s as straight as you want it to be. You can leave the perm solution on to avoid damaging your hair for longer.

You can apply the neutralizer to your hair while the clips remain. As you squeeze the neutralizer onto the roots and work down the strands, try to disturb the hair strands as little as possible. Despite the soaking, you should keep your head up. Some perms don’t need to be rinsed or shampooed before they may be applied.

Remove the clips from your hair and wash them in the shower to clean it. Rinsing should not be done with your head in an upside-down position. Use the same technique for washing and conditioning your hair. Instead of tying your hair up in a towel after the final rinse, pat dries your hair. For the next 24 hours, don’t do anything that could harm the hair, including brushing or combing it.

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