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American Horror Story Face Paint – Tate Langdon Skull

American Horror Story: Murder House, Tate Langdon Skull is the best look that you can get! Now for those who have no idea what on earth is going on and do not know what American Horror Story: Murder House or Tate Langdon Skull is, firstly, where have you been?

However, let me explain American Horror Story: Murder House (formerly named American Horror Story) is the very debut chapter of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s FX horror anthology television series American Horror Story. Between October 5 and December 21, 2011, it broadcast. Dante Di Loreto and series creators Murphy and Falchuk served as executive producers for the season, which 20th Century Fox Tv produced.

Tate Langdon Skull Makeup Tutorial

With the premiere of a new season of American Horror Story on the horizon and the season in which all prior seasons will be brought together, I realized it might be fun to try out ahs skull makeup and Tate Langdon outfit from each of the earlier seasons. I had no choice but to use Tate Langdon’s skull makeup from the first season.

tate langdon skull makeup
Tate Langdon Skull Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Until you come to the insanely complex vertebral pattern on the neck, which I had no idea how I was going ever to do. Other than that let us get started with the American horror story face paint or Tate skull makeup tutorial.

Products That you will w using are:

  • Face paint in the colorless colors of Black and White
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Grey eyeshadow

Applying the Base

I’ve yet to master the art of painting a flawlessly equal and thick white foundation. However, I’ve picked up a few pointers, and perhaps, I’ll be able to master this fundamental stage with practice.

I filled my brush with as much white face paint as possible and applied it to my face with crisscrossing motions, using a flat foundation brush for the Tate Langdon skeleton base. Before it was completely dried, I went over each area again, resulting in a very thick and even foundation color.

Tate Langdon Drawing

When I truly looked at the Tate Langdon skull, I noticed it was a little more intricate than I had imagined. I knew the neck was busy, but it was this lovely drawn array of bone and flesh when I looked at it. My drawing abilities aren’t even near that, so I figured I’d go as similar as possible.

The fundamental outlines of the teeth and eyes were intimidating enough, so I used grey eyeshadow and a small eyeliner brush to create a guideline for myself for the Tate Langdon drawing.

Filling in the Black

I outlined my nose and lens holes with my black face paint and a thin brush before filling them in with a chunkier brush as well as more paint. Even Though I had made the eyes too big, I had to rinse them off, redo the white base, and redraw the form. I used my black liquid eyeliner to sharpen the edges of the eyes and nose after filling them in.

Defining The Details

I applied the small accents and shading around the eyes and nose with my grey eyeshadow once again and then filled them in. Because Tate Langdon’s skull’s back teeth and cheek hollows are so finely sculpted and colored in his makeup, I attempted adding a bit of extra detail with my grey eyeshadow. I was trying to sketch a guide and also just experimenting to get an idea of how it should look in general.

Finishing Touches

To mirror our old pal Tate, we secured the bulk of it back with a hair clip and then sprayed it all with some hair spray. I put on a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket and posed for the camera.

Tate Langdon Outfits

Tate’s coats from its Tate Langdon outfit are some of the most interesting in his collection. Throughout the series, he is shown wearing a variety of Tate Langdon costumes. Not only that but Tate Langdon costumes are an amazing inspiration if you would love a Tate Langdon Halloween costume. Let’s take a look at a couple of them right now.

black skinny trench coat
Black Skinny Trench Coat (Image Source: Pinterest)

The black skinny trench coat is a fantastic Tate Langdon outfit that matches to the one Tate wears during his flashback to the horrific occurrence at the high school.

black velcro hoodie
Black Velcro Hoodie (Image Source: Pinterest)

The black velcro hoodie is completely in keeping with Tate Langdons’ costume, and it is also part of the ensemble he’s wearing in the Tate skull makeup flash-back.

cream cardigan
Cream Cardigan (Image Source: Pinterest)

The is a virtually similar cream cardigan to the one Tate wears when he meets Dr. Harmon for coffee and a therapy session outside of Dr. Harmon’s property, assembling the perfect Tate Langdon Halloween costume.

Foot Wear

Tate’s shoes are made up of a few different pairs of shoes and boots. His boots are much more casual, although he is shown wearing the boots during the “Westfield High incident” flashbacks. The traditional male Pleaser Rocky boots have been recognized as Tate’s footwear. 

pleaser rocky boots
Pleaser Rocky Boots (Image Source: Pinterest)

They are constructed of real leather and are 100 percent authentic. Lastly, we have Tate’s regular sneakers. Low-top Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors in burgundy have indeed been spotted.


tate langdon complete outfit
Tate Langdon Complete Outfit (Image Source: Pinterest)

Tate Langdon doesn’t seem to carry many significant accessories very often, but here is a handful that, when combined with some of the clothing pieces from the guide, will give him a screen-accurate look that will provide you with the best vision of the d  way.

The Loreal hair gel will smooth your hair back, just perfect for that creepy Tate skull face. If you want to go for the Skull-face flashback Tate look, you’ll need some of the skull makeup to finish the effect.

Caution Spoilers!

The Rubber Man is secretly none other than your favorite and mine, Tate Langdon, unbeknownst to most people in the program and a mystery to the viewer for a significant amount of the season. If you’re looking for a unique (Which makes it Ultra creepy that he is dating Violet Harmon considering it was the Rubber Man who impregnated her mother.)

The Rubber Man Tate Langdon outfit is a close resemblance (but not exact) to the one shown in American Horror Story. The black boots are pretty much the only item you’ll need to round off your Rubber Man ensemble (in addition to the suit). They look a lot like the ones that the Rubber Man wears. If I haven’t started it already, Tate is a ghost.

We will wrap our Tate Langdon skull makeup and Tate Langdon costume right here. For updates and info on makeup, and skincare topics visit again only at BS Makeup Kits. Until then check out this blog of Scary SFX Makeup Ideas.