can i use toothpaste as eyelash glue

Toothpaste As Eyelash Glue

Eyelash glue is a critical component of the lash application procedure because it is utilized to fix an eyelash extension to a person’s natural eyelashes. However, although it may seem that any type of adhesive may be used to do this, using an incorrect sort of glue might cause severe damage to your natural lashes.

As a result, it is critical to always use eyelash glue that is safe, latex-free, and hypoallergenic. In this post, we discuss can I use toothpaste as eyelash glue?

Can I Use Toothpaste as Eyelash Glue?

toothpaste as eyelash glue
Toothpaste As Eyelash Glue (Image Source: Pinterest)

Do not use toothpaste as eyelash glue. Don’t do this with your eyes, please. You should never put your eyesight in danger when applying artificial eyelashes.

According to research, Ocular contact with toothpaste creates a strong, unbearable burning sensation and pain around the eyelids. If not handled promptly, toothpaste with a higher pH can cause blindness when it comes into contact with the eye.

These non-beauty products include a variety of chemicals and fumes that are not suitable for use on the body or any sensitive areas. Your greatest features are your natural ones. Keep your lashes healthy by trying the various eyelash glue alternatives now.

What Are The Alternatives For Eyelash Glue?

eyelash glue
Eyelash Glue (Image Source: Pinterest)

The eyelash glue alternatives provided below might help you in applying fake eyelashes without the use of commercial eyelash glue. You may either make your non-toxic glue or use one of the options listed below.

Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes

Choose Luxillia Magnetic Lashes with Eyeliner. They are among the greatest false eyelashes available on the market. These are waterproof, blow dryer proof, and smudge-proof. These fake eyelashes may be applied without the need for glue.

If you can apply liquid eyeliner, you’re likely to be able to apply magnetic eyelashes as well. They come with an iron oxide brush to help the magnets in the eyelashes attach to them.

This simplifies the application procedure even more! I recommend using several coats to get your line as thick as the lash strip. After that, let it dry fully. The last and most important step is to apply the lashes. They’re fluttery and full. This procedure takes around 5 minutes to perform. 

High Voluminous Mascara

If you don’t want to use artificial lashes or glue on your lash line, high-volume mascara is a good option. Apply any thick and voluminous mascara to your curled lashes with a light hand.

The mascara will give your lashes the fullness and volume you desire without using any eyelash glue. Mascara may be worn on any single day and will make your eyes appear much more attractive than before!

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions might be an excellent alternative to eyelash glue since they reduce the need for you to constantly apply artificial eyelashes. It’s not adhesive. However, since it’s still an excellent technique to apply false lashes, so it may still be an effective answer.

Plus, these eyelash extensions last longer than fake lashes you generally apply. They use permanent eyelash glue and robust falsies. The glue is regarded as ideal for artificial lashes as they won’t budge. With this option, you don’t have to apply artificial eyelashes repeatedly. They come with a commitment, yet they don’t need high maintenance.