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Types Of Bad Lash Perm And How To Cure It

When it comes to eyelashes, nothing beats an eyelash perm for achieving that desired, long-lasting curl. We’ve all made the mistake of pulling on our eyelashes or poking our eyes, so we know how difficult it can be to get the right curl. How to fix bad lash perm? Getting your perfect lashes permed will save you the hassle of curling them daily and help your mascara look its best.

Are you not convinced? With no makeup, your eyes will appear brighter and more beautiful. Having your eyelashes permed gives you a more awake appearance with less effort. But, on the other hand, if you get a bad lash perm, it will ruin your efforts.

In the guide, I will show the bad lash perms and how you can avoid those unwanted permed results.

Fused Lashes

If the lashes are fused, cleansing them won’t help. The only other alternative is a cysteine-based keratin lash lift. The perming chemical in this treatment reduces frizz and kinks.

How Keratine Lash Lift Cure Fused Lashes?

After taking cysteine, the pH level of your lashes is raised. It softly separates them. Since heat activates cysteine, lashes return to normal when pressure is released. After receiving a keratin treatment, the lashes’ strength and hydration are restored.

Crinkled & Crossed Lashes

This error typically occurs when the adhesive is eliminated, and the next solution is applied. There is a risk that the rest of the treatment could go wrong if there is any remaining glue residue.

How To Cure Crinkled & Crossed Lashes?

Separate lashes into three portions before applying adhesive. Next, apply the solution straight up with the rod. And lastly, if you notice them clinging together after a few seconds, separate them.

You may sometimes find that your lashes have shifted while using the second solution in your lash lift kit, which leads to bad lash perm. So, before you remove the adhesive, give them one more touch-up. In most situations, glue causes issues. You just have to be extra careful with it.

Unstick Silicon Pads Can Cause Issue

If this happens and you continue with your lash lift, you risk ripping your eyelashes out in the process.

What Causes Silicon Pad Unsticky?

Inadequate cleaning of your eyelids has resulted in unsticking of the silicone pads. Oil residue can make an adhesive application difficult or inconsistent since it makes the surface slippery.

It’s also possible to apply the glue and pads to your eyelids using whatever tape you have on them, which will protect your eyelids from the glue and make it easier to apply the pads.

Uneven Curls

If the glue is applied and removed incorrectly, the lashes may be over-curled or appear crinkled. The lifting pad being placed incorrectly is another common blunder that leads to uneven lashes. The lashes will only curl at the tips if the pad is put below the lash line.

How To Cure Uneven Curls?

When using a curling pad, make sure to place it directly on the lash line to ensure a uniform curl.

Over Curled Perms After A While

The general belief is that water damages the lash lift. In some instances, this is indeed the case. If you use hot water to wash your face, you will remove the perm from your lashes. After administering the second solution, ensure to rinse the lashes thoroughly. If your lashes were too curled, it was likely due to adhesive that was left in the cracks of the lash extensions. The lashes’ shape changed as they dried.

How To Cure Over Curled Perms?

However, there’s good news: this can be readily fixed. To remove the glue from the eyelid, which causes over curled perm, you must run a warm, damp cotton swab down your eyelid a few times to loosen the glue. Then apply the nourishing lotion. Afterward, you’re good to go.

I hope you loved the article on different types of bad lash lift & how to cure it and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to know about more why my eyelash extensions are too curly?