vaseline as makeup primer

Can Vaseline Be Used As A Makeup Primer?

Before applying your makeup, you should use a primer. The makeup primer will help minimize the clogged pores on your face, moisturize your skin, and provide a flawless foundation for the rest of your makeup. It will also assist in balancing out your skin tone, concealing some of your facial imperfections, and filling in lines and wrinkles.

You should also make sure you’re using the correct makeup primer. Many people use Vaseline as makeup primer. If you have dry skin, you may know that putting a drop of Vaseline (petroleum jelly as a primer) on top of your daily moisturizer will help seal in moisture and soothe it.

Taking full advantage of your makeup primer, make sure you apply it correctly. You should use it before applying your foundations but after applying your moisturizer, for example. Apply it all over your face, paying special attention to your chin, nose, and around under the eyes.

Can I use Vaseline under foundation? Yes, you can use Vaseline as a primer. But, when applying foundation over Vaseline, be careful since too much Vaseline can hinder your liquid foundation from settling properly, causing it to smear off your face quickly.

Can Vaseline Be Used As Under Makeup?

You can use Vaseline before makeup as a primer; However, if you use too much of this product on your face, it will hinder your foundations from setting in. If you have dry skin, Vaseline is the ideal choice.

When you use Vaseline under makeup, it holds moisturizers in your skin. As a result, your skin will be silky smooth. It will also aid in the reduction of aging signs. If you’re thinking of using Vaseline as a primer, ensure the following factors:

Consider Your Skin Type

Check your skin; if you already have oily skin, I wouldn’t suggest putting Vaseline as a primer because it would make your face greasier. If you have combination skin, take a look at your face and mark the areas where you have a lot of oil and where you have a lot of dry skin. Only if you’ve examined factor 2, which I’ll go into shortly, you can use Vaseline as a primer in dry areas. And if you have dry skin, petroleum jelly as a primer is the best option.

What Are You Trying To Cover? 

Remember that Vaseline is a clear, thick jelly mostly used to moisturize dry skin. It’s not very good at covering dark blemishes or difficult-to-cover regions (for which a primer is used). However, it does help you produce a smooth foundation application surface while also giving some skin moisturization benefits.

As a result of what I described in Factor 1 above, I would only use Vaseline as a primer on dry or uneven areas of your skin. The idea is to “smooth out” portions of your skin with a relatively inexpensive product before putting on makeup.

My only piece of advice about using Vaseline as a primer is to use a light layer of it. If you use too much makeup, it won’t stick, and you’ll end up with a mess.

If you’re serious about your makeup, I’d suggest investing in a good primer that will not only get the job done but will also save you from headaches!

How Do I Use Vaseline As Makeup Primer?

The way you use Vaseline as a primer will be determined by the sort of foundation you plan to use. Apply Vaseline after your moisturizer, for example, if you plan to use a mineral powder foundation. Apply the makeup once the Vaseline has been applied. After this, the foundation will stick to your face effectively.

How to make face primer with Vaseline? If you’re going to use a liquid foundation, combine Vaseline and a facial moisturizer. Apply the mixture on your face after mixing the two ingredients and wait 5 minutes before applying any foundation. Dust the foundation with a setting powder after it has been applied. This will assist in preventing your foundation from smearing. Other factors to consider when using Vaseline as a primer are listed below.

  • When putting Vaseline on your face, focus on the dry areas.
  • Apply Vaseline evenly to your face if you have dry skin in general.
  • Apply a little coating of Vaseline before applying your foundation if your skin is oily.
  • Before tracing on your lipstick, apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to your lips. It will moisturize your lips while also providing a silky base for your lipsticks, allowing them to last longer.

Can I Use Vaseline As Eyeshadow Primer?

You can apply Vaseline as an eyeshadow primer if you wish your eyeshadow to seem more bright and pigmented. A thin layer of Vaseline should be applied to your eyelid when it comes to this. Then, on top of the thin coating of Vaseline, apply your eyeshadow. Focus on blending the eyeshadow with the Vaseline as you apply it.

Can I Use Vaseline As A Highlighter?

Use Vaseline as a highlighter if you can’t afford to buy expensive highlighter products. The petroleum jelly will brighten specific areas of your face and offer you a great dewy appearance. It should be used on the tops of your brow and cheekbones. You should not be concerned about your skin tone when it comes to highlighting because it is suitable for all skin tones.

But It has a few cons mentioned below.

  • First, the Vaseline and other colored items blended solution might not be the exact color you want. You can wind up wasting a lot of time mixing and blending the products to achieve the desired shade.
  • Second, the blended solution might not have the proper consistency for highlighting. This makes applying the remedy more difficult, wasting even more time.

I strongly advise purchasing a professional highlighter rather than Vaseline as a primer with these considerations in mind. Megaglo Highlighting Palette by Wet n Wild is a low-cost highlighter that comes in four different shades and is simple to apply.

megaglo highlighting palette
Megaglo Highlighting Palette (Image Source: Pinterest)

How Do I Make a DIY Concealer With Vaseline?

Remember never to use too much Vaseline because a little goes a long way. Drop a glob of Vaseline into a small bowl or rather the palm of your hand. Add in the crushed powder and thoroughly mix. When you’re working with something as oily and abrasive as Vaseline, the powder can assist set foundation and concealer. Use crushed-up press powder instead of loose powder because it’s easier to mix and transport. However, if you use loose powder, you might obtain a little more concealer coverage. This homemade concealer won’t be as effective as most commercial concealers, but it’ll get the job done in a pinch.

Does Vaseline Remove Makeup?

Yes! Yes, you can! Vaseline can be used to remove almost any sort of makeup. It won’t be as effective as using your regular makeup remover, but it’ll suffice if you don’t have one on hand.

How To Remove Makeup With Vaseline?

 If you wish to remove makeup using vaseline, follow these steps:

  • Apply a small quantity of Vaseline on your fingertips and dab it on the area of your face where you wish to remove makeup.
  • Apply gentle pressure to the region where Vaseline was used and wipe outwardly with a makeup removal pad or a small face tissue.
  • Repeat the previous steps until all the makeup is removed from the skin.
  • Remove any extra vaseline with a wet cloth.

It’s possible that removing makeup with vaseline takes a long time. If you’re in a hurry, I recommend removing your makeup using a professional makeup remover. Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes are one of my favorite makeup removers. These wipes are really useful since they allow you to remove makeup while also cleaning your pores. They also work on waterproof mascara!

Vaseline is a useful and versatile product. It can also be used as a makeup primer and vaseline under eyes before concealer. If you choose to use it, do so after applying your moisturizer but before your foundation. If you’re using a liquid foundation, you may also combine it with your moisturizer and apply the mixture to your face.
Aluminum foils are usually used for highlighting the hair. But you can use regular aluminum foil for highlighting and wax papers too, read here.