40 Volume Developer to Lighten Hair

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You must use a 40 volume developer to lighten hair, it may transform you from a brunette to a blonde in a single bleaching session.

40 Volume Developer to Lighten Hair

A 40 volume developer can gladly help you in going from dark hair color to a light one in a single bleaching process.

What is a 40 volume developer?

– If you have dark brown or even black hair, you will be able to lighten it with a 40 volume developer.

What Volume Developer Should I Use for Dark Hair?

How Do I Use a 40 Volume Developer to Lighten Hair?

If you want to bleach your own hair, dividing it into several sections will be really helpful to your work.

Step 1

Preparing your bleach is a step. One part powder to two parts developer should be the proportions.

Step 2

Apply color to hair. Begin at the back of the head. In this area, your hair is darker, and it will take a longer period of time to lighten it.

Step 3

Using the 40 volume developer straight on your scalp is not suggested. Because such a strong developer has the potential to burn your scalp, avoiding it is the best way to proceed.

Step 4

Once the 40 volume developer has become the desired shade, it is time to rinse it off.

Step 5

– Please don't bleach your hair more than once in a row. – You should wait a few days before repeating this procedure. – Before using 40 vol on your hair, think it over many times.