Best Eyelash Cleanser For Extensions

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This professional-grade eyelash shampoo is not only practical, but it's also quite gentle on your skin. 

Best Eyelash Extension Shampoo By Stacy Lash

Melao Eyelash Extension Cleanser is a nourishing and cleansing eyelash extension cleanser.

Melao Eyelash cleanser For Extensions

Lyon Lash Eyelash Extension ShampooThis gentle composition is free of parabens and sulfate, making it suitable for all skin types.

Lyon Lash Eyelash Extension Shampoo

This chemical-free, foamy eyelash shampoo for eyelash extensions is made entirely of natural ingredients. 

Quewel Eyelash Extension Cleanser

Must Consider These 6 Following Factors When You Want To Buy Any Best Eyelash Extension Cleansers

1. Sulfate-Free 2. Oil-Free 3. No Salts 4. Triclosan FREE 5. Glycol-Free 6. Safe For Sensitive Skin

Wash your face with a washcloth in the sink, avoiding the eye area.

Can you wash your face with eyelash extensions?

When showering, don't place your head directly under the full force of the water flow. Allow the water to stream down your face instead.

How to wash eyelash extensions in the shower?