Best Eyelash Glue Substitutes

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If you can apply liquid eyeliner, you're likely to be able to apply magnetic eyelashes as well.

Magnetic Eyelashes / How to put on eyelashes without glue?

Eyelash extensions are an excellent eyelash glue alternative since they eliminate the need to apply fake eyelashes continually. 

Eyelash Extensions

You can make an eyelash glue alternative recipe with things you already have on hand.

DIY Eyelash Glue

If you can't endure artificial lashes, it's probably best to skip them in favor of volumizing mascara and eyeliner. It is a secure and straightforward option.

Volumizing Mascara And Eyeliner

You can tint your natural eyelashes to make them appear fuller if you don't want to deal with thick mascara every day. 

Lash Tint