Best Products For A Professional Makeup Artist 

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It's important to disinfect your brushes, pencils, and makeup utensils after each client. 

Cleansers and disinfectants

A newbie makeup artist's makeup kit must include professional brushes in their professional makeup artist starter kit. 

Professional makeup brushes

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Foundation & concealer

Light blond to dark brown and black should be your color range. 

Eyebrows kit

Choose a lipstick palette with various reds, corals, pinks, and nudes for your MUA starter kit.


Eyeliners and lipliners are excellent products for highlighting or bolding a lovely feature on your client's face.

Eyeliner and lip liner

A good setting powder and cosmetic finish spray are necessary for long-lasting makeup.

Setting powder & Spray

A Makeup artist must have contour, bronzer and blush.

Contour, Bronzer, and Blush