Can 30 Volume Developer Lighten Hair by Itself 

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If you wish to lighten your hair with a developer but have darker hair, professionals advise the 30 volume and 40 volume formulas.

What is a 30 Volume Developer?

One of the greatest options for lightening dark hair is a 30 volume developer. If you use a developer with a 40 volume, your hair will be damaged.

30 Volume Developer Lighten Black And Dark Hair?

The greater the number, the stronger the developer is and the greater the amount of lightning achieved.

How to Choose a Volume Developer?

– Temporary colors – Permanent colors – Lighteners

By Color Type

– 10 volume developer (3% peroxide) – 20 volume developer (6% peroxide) – 30 volume developer (9% peroxide) – 40 volume developer (12% peroxide)

By Degree of Lightening/Darkening

– Fine hair – Normal hair – Thick hair

By Hair Type

– Porous hair – Healthy hair

By Hair Quality