Do You Apply Toner to Wet or Dry Hair

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You should always apply a hair toner when your hair is at least 70% dry. Damp hair has a higher porosity, which helps in the toner's distribution.

Do You Apply Toner To Wet Or Dry Hair?

Before using toner, you can think that it's a good idea to finish your hair care routine.

Do you shampoo before toner?

If your first attempt at coloring your hair with a hair toner does not provide the results you desired, waiting at least one month before trying again.

Can you tone your hair twice?

Tips for Getting Long-Lasting Toner Effect

Once a week, after applying toner, you should wash your hair to maintain the best results.

Hair Wash:

After applying toner to your hair, do not use shampoos. Wait for at least 48 to 72 hours before applying shampoo.

Shampoo After Toner:

Avoid spending as much time as possible in swimming pools or in direct sunlight.

Summer Care:

Regularly styling your hair with heat tools might reduce the effectiveness of your toner's benefits.

Hair Styling With Heat Tools: