Face Mapping

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Face mapping is an ancient medical practice that includes making connections between facial problems and a person's overall health. One of the most common uses of this technique is face mapping for acne.

What Is Face Mapping?

Acne face mapping says you can find the cause by studying breakouts. And after you've identified the cause, you may be able to remove your pimples. This technique divides the face into zones for medical or lifestyle issues.

Acne face mapping

Forehead Eating more fruit and vegetables, getting enough sleep, and drinking water will help prevent breakouts.

Hairline Hairline troubles are caused by pore-clogging hair or cosmetic products. Pomade acne is caused by hair products. Aestheticians prescribe double-cleansing and non-comedogenic cosmetics.

Ears Stress affects the ears.

Eyebrows Diet also affects the brows. Alcohol, greasy, or processed meals might cause breakouts.

Cheeks Air pollution and smartphone bacteria might harm your cheeks. To prevent this, wash pillowcases and skin thoroughly.

Chin Your chin and jawline reflect your hormonal balance. Excess hormones cause pimples during menstruation and pregnancy.

Your aesthetician will give food and lifestyle recommendations, as with earlier face mapping treatments. Dermatological products may be recommended.

What happens after

Some aestheticians are skilled in face mapping, however, a dermatologist is often best for skin concerns. They treat all skin diseases. They can also recommend the best therapy for your skin type and lifestyle. They may suggest a skincare routine.

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