How to Apply Makeup on Dark Skin for Beginners

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Always Use Color Corrector. Apply Bold Blush. Avoid being too Matte. Avoid Pale makeup. Use Foundation That Match Your Skintone.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Hydrate your Face

Some research has shown that black skin loses moisture more quickly than those with lighter skin tones. Applying a daily moisturizer.

Use Primer For Open Pores

Primer is an essential tool in your makeup kit to get a flawless makeup look on dark skin.

Apply Color Corrector, Foundation and Concealer

Dark circles under the eyes are common. Make sure you use a suitable foundation for your skin type. Then, apply concealer to smooth the concealer.

Set your Foundation

Use a banana powder instead of simply a white translucent powder. This will help you in highlighting specific areas of the face with a more natural-looking tone.

Set your Eyebrows

Using brow powder is simpler than using a brow pencil to fill in the brows. 

Done your Eye Makeup

Girls with a darker complexion can be using bright colors on their eyes.

Apply Blush and Bronzer

Using bronzer as blush or applying it over a neutral blush is a terrific tip for females with dark skin. Bronzer adds a little more color to the cheeks.

Apply Lipstick

Colors like reds, oranges, and rich purples are all excellent selections for the lips of dark skin. Make sure the shade you apply suits the undertones of your skin.