How to Apply Simple Makeup for Teenagers for School

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Wash Your Face

Apply Toner

Apply Moisturizer

Apply Concealer If needed

Use Powder to Set Makeup

Apply Blush

Apply Eyeshadows

Apply Eyeliner and Mascara

Finish with a clear or faintly tinted lip gloss and a light, neutral lipstick for simple makeup for school.

Finish With Lipstick

How to Maintain Your Look All Day

Bring Along your Powder and Blotting Sheets

Bring along your powder and blotting papers. Throughout the day, use powder to keep your face appearing soft and fresh.

Do not Touch your Face

Keep your hands away from your face to avoid smudging your makeup. Touching your face will also transmit the bacteria on your hands to your face.

At the End of the Day, Remove your Makeup

Before you wash your face, remove your makeup. Apply petroleum jelly, an oil-based lotion, or cleaning oil. Be especially careful around your eyes.