How to Do Simple Makeup for High School

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Apply black eyeliner to draw attention. If you want to be attention, use candy-colored pink lipstick. Red lipstick on your lips might help you project confidence.

Makeup Tips for High School:

Natural Makeup for High School

This makeup look for school-going girls is all about choosing neutral colors that will match their skin tone is an attractive option.

Applying moisturizer is essential, after face wash. If you want, apply BB Cream for a polished look.

Apply Moisturizer and BB Cream

Apply an eyeshadow base that is a shade darker than your skin tone to each eyelid and blend it in properly. Apply a deeper contour shade to crease.

Apply Eyeshadow

Black pencil is applied just above your upper eyelashes and at the outer corner of the eye. Apply a coat of black mascara to draw attention to your eyes.

Apply Eyeliner And Mascara

Fill in your brows with an eyeshadow powder or brow pencil that is a shade darker than your natural color to give them a defined look.

Define Your Eyebrows

When contouring your face, apply bronzer diagonally under each cheekbone over your BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Apply Bronzer

Nude lipstick is the perfect way to finish your minimalistic look.

Apply Lipstick