How To Get Purple Tint On Black Hair?

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That is possible; however, it will affect your desired hair color.

Is Applying Bleach Before Dye Mandatory?

Consider These 3 Factors Before Dying Your Hair

Even if you've used the brand before, you should always do a patch test before dyeing your hair with a semi-permanent or permanent hair dye.

Carry Out A patch Test Before Dying Your Hair

Because you're not bleaching your hair, the tone of purple your hair turns will be determined by its natural color.

Your Natural Hair Color Influence The End Result

If you already have dark hair, dark purple colors like burgundy,  indigo, and amethyst are simple to achieve.

Which Shade Of Purple Suits You Best

Black With Purple Tint Hair Ideas With L’Oréal Paris Hair Colors

Blackberry hair has black roots that evolve into rich, blackberry-Esque purple balayage highlights, making it one of the most popular hair color trends right now. 

Blackberry Hair

Consider black hair with purple tips if you want to ease into black and purple hair and want something that lasts a little longer than one shampoo. 

Black Hairs With Purple Tips

This temporary hair color washes out with only one shampoo, allowing you to try a new black and purple hairstyle the next day!

Black Hair Purple Undertones