How To Take Off Polygel Nails At Home

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How to remove polygel nails with a nail file

Step 1: Firstly, trim your nail extension. Step 2: Remove the polygel from your nails by filing the surface with a 100 to 180-grade nail filer. Step 3: Remove any additional dust from your nails to reveal your natural nails.

How to remove polygel nails with nail polish removal wraps

Step 1: Using a nail cutter, shorten the length of the nails. Step 2: Remove the topcoat by filing the nail surface. Step 3: Open the removal wrap and securely wrap the foil around the top of the finger.  Step 4: Allow 10 minutes for the nail to soak. Step 5: With the cuticle pusher, gently scrape off the polygel. Step 6: After removing the poly gel, buff your nails.

How to remove polygel nails with E-file?

Step 1: Remove excess nail lengths with a nail clipper. Step 2: To remove the poly gel layer from your natural nails, use an e-file set at a low speed; be careful when using the e-file. Your nails may appear firm, but they are sensitive, so don't injure them. Step 3: Use the 180 grit file to remove the left polygel from your nails gently. Step 4: After removing the majority of the polygel, polish the nail surface with buffing cubes to make it easier to care for your nails in the next phases. Step 5: Apply cuticle oil to your nails to maintain them smooth and shiny.

Make sure you don't use too much slip solution when shaping the gel on the dual forms. Although the slip solution makes it easier to form the gel and keeps it from becoming sticky, too much volume might result in lifting or popping.

Why is my polygel not sticking to my nail?

The sticky residue that remains for some gel polish brands is the polish that wasn’t cured properly.

Why is my polygel sticky after curing?