Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color

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PPD-free ion formulas are enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Pequi Oil, and botanicals to hydrate and strengthen hair from inside deeply.

Ingredients of Ion Hair Color

Always pay particular attention to the elasticity and porosity of the hair.  If the scalp begins to show symptoms of irritation, stop use immediately.

Ion Hair Color Tips

Step by Step Guide on How to Use Ion Hair Color

When you've finished reading the instructions, it's time to combine 2 oz. of Ion Demi Hair Color with 4 oz. of Ion Sensitive Scalp Creme Developer.

Read the Instructions, and Mix the Hair Color

Cover any flesh that is close to your hair, such as your neck, ears, and the skin behind your ears, and putting on Gloves.

Cover the Parts you Don't Want to Color, and Put On Your Gloves

It is suggested that you separate your hair into four zones if you have long hair. Begin from the roots of your hair.

Divide your Hair, and Start Applying Ion Hair Color

It takes 10 to 40 minutes at room temperature to complete the processing of the hair dye.

Allow the Hair Color to Sit for a Time

It's time to rinse your hair out with water. Make sure you do it correctly and until the water flows clear. 

Rinse the Hair Color With Water

For around 12 to 24 washes, the ion Demi-permanent hair dye will be effective. During that period, you'll notice a slow fading.

How Long Does Iong Permanent Hair Color Last?