Is Gorilla Snot Bad For Your Hair?

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Gorilla snot gel comes in four main versions:

Different Types Of Gorilla Snot Gel

The punk version has a hold factor of 10, and comes in a yellow bottle.


The Rocker version has a hold factor of 9 and comes in a red bottle.


The galan version has a hold factor of 8 and comes in a green bottle.


Sports Energizer

Moco de gorila snot is more sticky than regular gel and works to keep your edges flat for hours. 

How Does Gorilla Snot Gel Work?

Simply take the gel in your fingers and apply it to the desired area of hair. After that, you can style it with your fingers or a toothbrush.

How To Use Gorilla Snot Gel?

You should easily rinse the gorilla snot gel out of your hair if you wet your hair with warm water. Using a gentle shampoo to remove the gel from your hair can help.

How To Remove Gorilla Snot From Hair?