Luzern Skincare

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In 1999, Luzern Skincare was started with a focus on effective skincare products. The brand wanted to employ pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients that were created with a natural preservation system.

About The Luzern

Vitamin C Co-Q10 Alpha-lipoic acid

Key Ingredients

Phthalates TEA and DEA Alcohols Synthetic colors Propylene Glycols Formaldehydes Mineral oils Parabens and Sulfates

What You Won’t Find In Luzern

This brand is ideal for mature skin, sensitive skin, and those worried about preservatives. Co-Q10, vitamin C, and alpha-lipoic acid all help in anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, collagen formation, and skin hydration.

Who Should Use The Luzern Skincare

What's My Thoughts????

I love Luzern Skincare's Pure Cleansing Gelee, Firming Mist, SERUM FIRMING COLLAGEN BOOSTER, and Force De Vie Creme Luxe. Each of these four items is something I would buy again. The Mist is a fine, silky mist that quickly moisturizes and plumps the skin; I began bringing it everywhere and sprinkling my face at random. The serum was immediately absorbed and left my skin luminous for hours!