Makeup Tips for Professional Headshots

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Be sure to drink plenty of water in the two days leading up to your headshot session. 


Use a light exfoliator, toner and moisturizer, the night before your photo session to prepare your skin for photo-finished makeup.

Follow Skin Care

Makeup that has a natural look is best for headshots. When it comes to makeup, equal coverage mixed with a natural appearance finish is crucial.

Natural Look

Concealer adds an extra layer of protection to even skin tones, especially when exposed to strong lights.

Use Concealer to Hide Dark Circles and Dark Spots

Natural lip colors that enhance the shade of your lips seem to be the most attractive options. Make use of a tinted lip balm or chapstick.

Lips for Headshot

Hairspray, gel, and other styling tools may help control frizz and give your hair a healthy appearance. 

Hair for Professional Headshot

Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth if you need to whiten them last minute before an important event or meeting. 

Teeth for Headshot