Middle School Makeup Kit For Students

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Powder Brush Bronzer Brush Makeup Sponge  Blush Brush Fan Brush Flat Eyeshadow Brush Fluffy Crease Brush Pencil Brush

Makeup Brushes for Middle School makeup kit

I went through dozens of sheets of blotting paper each year when I was in high school and college. Without removing your makeup, the NYX Blotting Paper absorbs excess oil on your skin. 

Blotting Paper

3 Best Makeup For Middle Schoolers kit for students in 2022

Foundation  Concealer  Setting Powder Bronzer, Blush Highlighter Eye Shadow  Liquid Eyeliner Lipstick, Lip gloss Setting Spray

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Foundation Concealer Bronzer, Blush  Eye Shadow Eyeliner, Mascara Eyebrow pencil Lipstick Setting Spray

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Foundation  Concealer Powder Bronzer, Blush Eye Shadow Eyebrow Gel Mascara Lip Gloss Setting Spray 

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