Orange Nail Designs You Should Try

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These are the perfect summer orange nails for an event or a date night since it is sure to turn attention.

Orange Nail Ideas with Glitter Accent

Allow your fingers to do the talking as you try with these bright colors. This orange design is put on a set of long acrylics.

Long Orange Nail Ideas

This beauty requires the use of flat tips and bright colors.

Shiny Orange Nails with Gold

Choose a bright shade of orange for your pointed nails.

Pointed Stiletto Orange Nails

An orange nail powder is used by the nail artist as a base for the designs.

Orange Nails with Palm Trees

This copper orange shade is ideal for showing long nails.

Super Long Copper Orange Nails

This design demonstrates that you don't need to use the most vibrant color to have a great-looking manicure.

Light Orange Nails

Make use of this orange nail design as inspiration for other bold color combinations.

Black and Orange Nail Ideas

This is a style that your manicurist will like. Ask for squared oval nails and coral gel paint.

Pastel Coral with Glitter Tips