Professional Face Paint Kits For Kids And Adults

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Snazaroo is the most iconic professional face paint kit brand, and it delivers in terms of ingredient quality and colorful effects. 

Snazaroo Face Paint Set

This professional face paint kit from Imagic Professional Cosmetics is another choice for professional-quality face paint. 

Imagic Professional Cosmetics Face & Body Paint

This 160-piece collection from Blue Squid includes everything you need to do a lot of face painting. 

Blue Squid Kids Face Paint

These Mosaiz face paint crayons are a great option if you're looking for stuff a little more straightforward and portable. 

Mosaiz Face Paint Crayons

There's a free ebook guide you can download that includes 20 patterns and 8 video tutorials that any beginner or seasoned face painter can do to get started.

Maydear - Face Painting Kit for Kids

No! Acrylic paint is not recommended for use on the face. It contains hazardous chemicals that might irritate the skin and perhaps create other problems.

Is it safe to use acrylics as face paint?

Watercolor paints contain a variety of pigments with variable levels of toxicity. Watercolor paints are safe to use on paper.

Is it okay if I paint my face with watercolors?

With fabric markers and paint, you can use a white or light-colored mask as a canvas. Empower your artistic abilities and imagination to bloom.

Is it possible to paint on a face mask?