Why are My Eyebrows Darker than My Hair

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Consider a person with blonde hair and a light brown brow. It may appear to be a natural combination.

Why Have My Eyebrows Gotten Lighter? (Melanin Role)

It would be unusual to look in the mirror suddenly a day and notice that your brows have become lighter than usual!

Why Have My Eyebrows Gotten Lighter?

You may have observed that your hair gets lighter in the summer due to contact with sunlight and the sun's UV radiation bleaching it.

Sunlight And UV Exposure Make Your Brows Lighter

It's also possible that you're simply dealing with your body's genetics, which causes your facial hair to change color (and your eyebrows).

Genetics Changing Your Eyebrows Color

It's all about how much melanin pigment you and your brows have.

Should Eyebrows Be Darker Than Hair?

For flawless brows that look natural, use products that match your hair's base color. We should use a brow shadow that complements our base color.

If Your Eyebrows Are Too Light, What To Do?