Why Does My Hair Curls Up At the Ends

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Broken or damaged split ends or strands that curl into their own shape are the most common causes of curled hair ends. 

What exactly are curled ends?

There are a variety of factors that might affect your strands, but the good news is that there are several characteristics to check to find solutions.

So, Why Does My Hair Curls Up At The Ends?

It is generally best to have a haircut appropriate for your hair type to maintain your hair looking healthy.

Your Hair Type And Haircut:

It's possible that switching to a different shampoo was the cause of it, because of Climate.

Changing shampoo:

A hormonal imbalance may also result in more severe side effects such as hair loss, which is something that no one wants to experience.

Hormonal Changes:

Stress can still promote thinning; hair curls up at the ends, so give yourself a break.


Improper heat style can also be a major factor in hair curling up at the ends, which can result in lifeless hair, flatness and difficulties holding or changing shapes. 

Heat Styling:

The ends of our hair are the oldest strands on our head, and bleach or color may cause them to become weak.

Coloring Or Bleaching:

Go to your hairstylist and ask her for her professional opinion. If you have longer hair, it may be really beneficial to remove the extra weight.

How To Stop Hair From Curling At The Ends?