Why Does My Hair Get Curly After I Shower?

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Your hair is curly when wet because different molecules in your hair react to the water in different ways, giving you this effect(hair is curly when wet).

Why Is My Hair Get Curly When Wet?

your hair may curl up a little when you shower (due to the different interactions of molecules). When wet, it changes shape temporarily, but it returns to its original shape when dry.

Hair Is Wavy When Wet But Dries Straight. Why?

This is because some women are prone to being sensitive to 5 alpha-reductase, an enzyme present in hair follicles, according to genetics.

Why Does My Hair Go Straight After I Curl It?

Hair is curly when wet from washing, but it can also happen due to sweating or high humidity.

Why Does My Hair Get Curly After I Shower?

How To Combat The Condition “My Hair Is Curly When Wet But Frizzy When Dry?”

Use cold water Use Conditioning Shampoo Don’t Use Towel Blow Dry Hair Roots Give A Complete Blowout