what colors look good on olive skin

Clothing Colors That Look Good On Olive Skin

Although color coordination is not an exact science, knowing “what colors look good on olive skin” or the best colors for olive skin isn’t that hard, but many individuals still get it wrong. Every skin color and tone has its own set of colors that appear best with it and a set of colors that don’t look well with it. For example, brown and navy look great together.

colors that look good on olive skin
Colors That Look Good On Olive Skin (Image Source: Pinterest)

This article is written just for you to learn more about what colors look good on olive skin and the colors that go well with olive skin that will complement your hair color and skin tone so that you will always know how to look your very best.

What Colors Look Good On Olive skin?

There are different ways to find which colors work for your clothing.


Investigating the relationship between color and skin tone may be done most straightforwardly by analyzing the natural contrasts present in your face.

High contrast

People with high-contrast coloring often have extremely dark hair (such as black or dark brown) and a very pale complexion. This contrast may be seen in their hair as well. 

There is still a discernible difference between the color of your skin and the color of your hair even after you have gotten a tan. People with this kind of skin (olive skin) often have eyes that are either a very dark brown or clear blue.

Colors to wear:

Rather than attempting to balance your features’ strong contrast, the goal is to emphasize it. Wear a stark white button-up with deep navy tailoring. Use a plain white shirt as the foundation for a more relaxed style. You’ll avoid appearing dreary if you keep the contrast strong throughout your outfit.

Medium contrast

Even if you have black hair, you do not have the same pale skin as your contemporaries who have high contrast. Or, you have a tan, but the color of your hair is much darker than your skin color. People who have this sort of complexion have a more neutral tone to their skin and may get away with wearing a wide variety of colors without seeming tacky. 

As long as there is a clear distinction between the reddish hue of their hair and the fairness of their complexion, redheads may also consider themselves part of this group. The majority of Asian and South American ethnicities are also included in this classification.

Colors to wear:

Choose more neutral bases as your starting point, and then add a warm version of your favorite color, such as a pine green or a warm blue, to keep things interesting. This is a better strategy than going for more intense color combinations. When wearing bold colors, such as a brilliant red, incorporate it into your outfit via your tie or pocket square and pair it with a subdued blue button-up and a navy suit.

Skin tone

Take a peek at your forearm if you want an easy way to determine your skin tone. The color that lies under the surface is known as the undertone, and it is responsible for determining your skin type.

Colors to avoid for a fair olive undertone

Yellow and orange, along with any pastel tints or soft colors, will only serve to wash you out. Avoid wearing these colors.

Colors to wear for a fair olive undertone

For a fair olive skin tone, it is convenient to wear subtle and cool clothing colors.

Colors to avoid for medium olive undertone

Brilliant shades of red and yellow. Please make an effort to stay away from any vivid or brilliant colors since they might be overwhelming.

Colors to wear for a medium olive undertone

Dusty pink, muted rose, peach, jade green, taupe, gloomy, off-white, and blue.

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